One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp- Book Review

For months, since January this year, my social media buzz was filled with talk about New York Times Bestseller, Ann Voskamp‘s book, “One Thousand Gifts.” Most of the information gave lists of things for which individuals were thankful. Often these lists were simple.

But what prompted them to give this seemingly-random thanks? I was curious, but had so many things on my plate, I didn’t order the book.

Then along came the Relevant Conference, and through God’s master travel plan, not only did I receive this wonderful book, but I had the opportunity to meet the author and speak to her for a few moments.

Ann has 6 kids; I have 7. (interpretation: wild and busy households) Ann lives on a farm; I grew up in a rural area.  Ann has experienced and observed heartache; I too have this heritage.  But while we have many things in common, we also have differences. Different religious upbringing and different styles of communication to name two.  None of this mattered: the similarities or differences.  In those few moments, our exchange of words served as  a gorgeous platform of grace.

What I found in this magnificent author is a kindred spirit- a Sister in Christ, who through adversity, wants to bless the Lord and show others how to do the same.

The words of this book will awaken your heart to what is often a missing piece in the puzzle of a Christian’s life.  A book of peace, thanksgiving, grace, and joy, I enjoyed this beautifully-poetic read and ended with a desire for a fuller life in my personal relationship with God.

One Thousand Gifts“is more than a dare. It’s more than a challenge.  It is a masterpiece that takes the mazes of your mind and begins to make sense of them.

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