Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed?
I can help!

Sometimes life is a tsunami that piles up negative circumstances with force.
Other times, we feel gradually overwhelmed and
don't realize what has happened
until feelings of despair are all-consuming.
"I wish I could quit. Is this really worth it? What am I doing?"

Whether the role is wife, mom, leader, business professional, employee, or ministry worker, there are times in life when we simply feel like giving up. Throwing in the towel. Stopping all action.

But God created us for more.

"This book cries out to the heart of every woman who has grappled with life's daily circumstances." -- MNichols, 5 stars

Do you ever guilt yourself into avoiding God
because you think He doesn't want to hear your complaints?
Do you ever wish you had the permission to ache freely?
Me too.
I've faced my share of sorrows.
A marriage that crumbled.
My mother taken to Heaven.
The terminal diagnosis of my daughter.
While the temptation to quit is present, 
One More Step focuses on my secrets to finding strength for each day.
You will find the courage you need.

Hey there, I'm Rachel!

I'm here to help you remember where to place your hope. Not in people. Not in yourself. Only Jesus can be trusted to hold your hope.

Because I know what it feels like to need someone to remind you that you can discover the strength to keep going in the face of adversity, I'm laying my heart out for all to see.

I wanted to write a book that would help me share not only inspiring stories of how God has worked in my own life, but that would also provide practical tips, tools, and Scripture to help you apply the lessons on how to keep going when your circumstances aren't what you wish for. 



At the end of each chapter, you'll find:

Pillars of Truth to lean on
Stepping Stones activity to help you journal your thoughts

In the back of the book, you'll find:

Inspirational Quotes to keep you going
Small Group Discussion Questions

"This is a book you will want to have with you always...right next to your Bible, a cup of coffee, favorite chocolates and kleenex as you won't get through it without tears at some point. This book has helped me so much to deal with so many hard issues in my life and has helped pave the way to free me from the burden I have been carrying."-- Cathy


One More Step is so much more than a book!!

You will learn how to:
run to God's Word when discouragement strikes
 replace feelings of despair with the truth of Scripture
persevere through out-of-control circumstances.

In the end, you'll gain a more personal relationship with Jesus.

Copyrights © Rachel Wojo
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