One In A Million by Priscilla Shirer- Book Review Part 2

Am still thinking about this book. 

One of the key quotes in chapter four that spoke to me:

“This is what my people do…They pray for rain, and when it comes, they run home.” Priscilla goes on to discuss how much people pray for God to work in their lives. How they ask for a new path, but when the travelling down that path begins, they become cautious and unsure. Just like the children of Israel.

Today the sun is shining beautifully and we have blue skies here in Columbus for the first time in what seems like months. I’m loving every minute of it, but I have to tell you that suddenly I began to notice all the dust in my house. A cleaning splurge immerged within me. The sunlight exposed so much that I hadn’t seen before. Isn’t that true with the Word of God? We truly desire to be close to the Lord, but wow, when we really spend time in His Word, things get so clear that we start to see the dust in our lives. And we have to start cleaning it out. And moving on.

Another favorite quote from Priscilla:

“Going beyond means becoming willing to step outside your cozy comfort zone.”

In the fall God began to move in my heart as I studied various Bible characters who had to step outside their comfort zone. I blogged about it initially (you can read that here) and then again just a week or so before I got my hands on this book (you can read that one here.) Priscilla talks about how we have a box of views about God that we have been gathering and collected over our lives. Things that are a result of our traditions, upbringing, church doctrine, Bible reading, etc. In the box are the things that we believe about God. I love what Priscilla says about that box:

“The problem is that we have the nerve to put a lid on it….God doesn’t fit in boxes.”

Ultimately, we have a choice when our box doesn’t cover the situation or circumstances God places in our lives:

We can retreat back into our comfort zones.

Or we can venture into truly trusting God.

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