My First Day in Heaven

Written by Matthew Wojnarowski.

Dedicated to my daughter, Taylor, to celebrate her graduation to Heaven and the day she was made whole- January 2, 2019.

My final moments had quickly drawn near

The bright light faded to darkness sublime

A deafening silence was all I could hear

My earthly eyes closed for the last time.

A peaceful light then burst into view

My eyes were opened to a celestial sight

A place prepared for the faithful and true

Where there’s no pain and no more night.

I was greeted by family and friends of old

They held my hand and ushered me through

I ran and danced on streets of gold

Until the sight of Jesus came into view.

With open arms He met me there

He picked me up and held me tight

With a loving voice and piercing stare

Said “You’re home, Taylor; you’ve won the fight.”

I turned to Him with a wondering eye

To ask a thought that was on my heart

“Lord, all I ask of you is why?

Why was there no hope from the start?”

“At first it seemed that all was well

I used to sing, dance, run and play

Then came a change that none could foretell

Why did you slowly take it all away?”

“So many days I would see mommy cry

And daddy would hold her very close

My innocent mind would wonder why

Jesus, why was it me that you chose?”

“My child”, He said, “You must understand

Your earthly trial had a heavenly view

You were created by My own hand

That My works may be shown through you.”

“Though your legs had no strength to bear

And the road ahead was difficult to see

While you were led with loving care

You taught others to depend on me.”

“Though you had no voice to sing

Your story has spread throughout the earth

A song of hope will forever ring

Yours was a life of eternal worth.”

“For in My image you were made

You reflected My love for others to see

It was in My promises on which you stayed

Even through death, you led others to Me.”

“Thank you Jesus,” I said with a smile

“That my life on earth was not in vain

Your will was displayed all the while

To live was Christ, but to die was gain.”

“Jesus, there’s one more thing I want to ask

For mommy and daddy are missing me so

Send these words through heavenly task

In their heart and mind, please let them know.”

“Thank you for all the love you shared

I’ll forever sing this heavenly tune

Pure love was shown in the way you cared

Everything is better now, and I’ll see you soon.”

“I love you, Mommy, and please don’t cry

Your undying devotion was always the same

I love you, Daddy, for drawing me nigh

For making me yours and giving me your name.”

“We’ll be united soon on Glory’s side

And bask in the Sun on the heavenly shore

In God’s presence we’ll forever abide

And praise His healing name forevermore!”

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! May God’s grace and mercy and peace and love and comfort continue to be with all of you during this time of loss, and also the joy of knowing Taylor is healed! Thank you for loving her with everything you had while she was here on earth with you and continue to show her love by living and trusting in God until you meet with her again on the heavenly shore! Love and Prayers to you all!

  2. Alice Camacho says:

    Rachel Thank You very much for sharing the letters so touching and beautiful, I wish I had the words and wisdom not to mention the strength you have. I can never find the right words to say to family and friends like you do, you are so very Blessed I will always have you and your family in prayer and thank you for sharing all the wonderful letters to Taylor. RIP Taylor
    Rachel keep up your wonderful journey in spreading Gods word.
    Alice Camacho

  3. Thank you Matt for these beautiful, heartfelt words and Rachel for sharing them.
    The lyrics of “Spoken for” by Mercy Me, remind me of your precious girl.
    The prayers of many are covering you all as you mourn Taylor’s earthly journey but rejoice with you too as she has been welcomed into her Heavenly home.
    Blessings to you all at this time, may the Lord hold you close.
    Eccl.3.1-8 “God’s perfect timing” .

  4. Dear Rachel, God bless and comfort you and your family. Thank you for opening your heart and lives to us. Thank you for sharing. Your words, love, and actions have blessed and helped us all.

  5. Beautiful! I’ll pray for your family to find comfort, peace, and to grow even closer together and to God.

  6. Beautifully said: God knows what He is doing with each of our lives, and they always have meaning. Our special children’s lives have meaning too! Thank you for being God’s instruments to share Taylor with the world, influencing others with the treasure that she was and the message of God’s love and faithfulness she shared. Love to you all!

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