Looking Forward to Lesson 4

Outside the Zone of Ability: Moses

Exodus 4:10-31; Hebrews 11:23-29

1. What are the “new” excuses Moses uses to excuse his God-assigned task?

2. How did the Lord respond to Moses’ reasons for desiring to skip out on the job?

3. Who enters Moses’ era of leadership in this passage?

4. What are the first four words of verse 31?  What are the words that contrast these in verse 1 of this same chapter?

We’ve taken the spiritual gifts testing.  We know our strengths and weaknesses.  Why would God call us to do something that seems so outside of our character?  What does it take to move outside of our comfort zones and take the leap of faith?

Let’s look closely this week at that very step that names Moses as an icon in the Faith Chapter of Hebrews 11.

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