Looking Forward to Lesson 3…

Outside the Zone of Appeal: Moses

Read Exodus 3: 1-22

1. Who appeared to Moses out of the burning bush?

2. Did Moses recognize the call of the Lord?

3. What task did God call Moses to do?

4. What was Moses’s overall feeling about this task?

5. How do I respond when the task God has called me to do has no “appeal” to  me?

6. Why do we think God can only use our “appealing” characteristics and circumstances?

This week we are stepping “Outside the Zone” and taking a leap of faith to overcome our spiritual tasks that have no appeal to us.  We will also consider the aspect of our own character and the lack of appeal to others that we may feel that we possess.  What we view as a lack of appeal to others is the exact trait God wants to use for His glory!

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