Like Curious George

On Monday, my four year old dropped a dozen eggs at the checkout. I had already paid for them and he was “just twying to help” by bagging them. They didn’t make the bag. Yesterday he was infatuated with a light up snowman decoration on the window sill. Needless to say the snowman no longer lights up. As soon as he became a toddler, he reminded me of Curious George. He never means to make a mess, or break something valuable. His brain just “has to know.” And those eyes of his are ever so repentant when something curiously wrong occurs. Those kind of eyes that make your heart melt, you know what I’m talking about.

I was just thinking this morning about how much our Heavenly Father would love to have a few more Curious Georges. Those Christians who are not afraid to go outside their comfort zones to reach out to others. Those people who have a desire to see what God wants to do with them, even if they break a few “rules” of supposed proper etiquette. There is a depth to this thought that cannot be blogged; for several months God has been stirring my heart about writing a Bible study once more. This one: “Outside the Zone.” Christians today seem to be satisfied to serve in ministries that “fit” their gifts. And yes, our talents are from the Father, so that is what He desires. However, He receives the total glory when we trust Him to equip us to serve in uncharted territory. Goliath held the title of “champion” (I Samuel 17:4), but David, the shepherd, won the battle.

Hold on to your seats and start thinking “outside the zone.”