Lesson 3 Outside the Zone Part 2

Outside the Zone of Appeal: Moses

Exodus 3 and 4:1-11

In the last post about stepping out in faith, outside of our comfort zones, Moses was the central character.  Briefly we compared Moses and David; they held the common boot camp assignment: shepherding.

A very interesting point we have yet to cover:

David was a shepherd for years, but probably about fifteen years total.  He grew up herding sheep and was anointed to be king by Samuel.  Five years passed from the time of David’s anointing to the time he actually was on the throne of Israel.  However, Moses lived his first forty years as the son of the princess; then his second forty years were his shepherding career.  From these observations, we learn that God’s timing is different for everyone.  While similarities exist in the training field of Moses and David, God’s ultimate plan of leadership for each of them held a different course.   It is so easy to compare ourselves to each other and think about God’s plan for someone else, how it just must be the same as His plan for us.  Not the case.

Back to the focus of Moses from Part 1 of this lesson, after asking the Lord, “Who am I?,” Moses then asked “Who should I tell the people of Israel is sending me?”  God replied, “I AM.”  This means the self-existent and self-sufficient One in a nutshell.  Imagine what this name would mean to Moses in the future as the wandering through the wilderness drug on further and further!

So Moses is looking at a task that is completely outside his comfort zone.  “Look, God, I’ve been herding sheep for forty years and well, it’s pretty comfortable.  Yes, those sheep are stubborn.  Yes, they are dumb.  But I’m used to it and understand the issues that accompany this position.

I just hate change.”

At this point, Moses’ career switch was not very appealing to him.

3 Reasons Moses Gave for His Lack of Desire for the Position

  1. The people won’t believe me. Oh wow.  How many of us have used this one?  I’m especially convicted in relation to sharing the gospel with others.
  2. The people won’t listen to me. Yikes.  Yep, used that one. Doesn’t work.  Doesn’t matter if they listen or not; our job is not to do the work of the Holy Spirit, but to do the task assigned to us by the Holy Spirit.
  3. The people will say “The Lord hasn’t appeared to you.” Can’t blame Moses for thinking this.  After all, he hadn’t accomplished anything that would vouch for his walk with the Lord.  Oh, killed a man and forced into being a fugitive to avoid death himself.  Yep, sounds like a leader I’m just dying to follow.

But the fact is: God DID appear to Moses.  The burning bush was real and God was calling Moses to lead His people out of Egypt.  For each of the above excuses, God gave a miracle to Moses to perform.  A tangible, physical miracle that would prove to the children of Israel and to Pharaoh that God had indeed appeared to Moses.  And He is the I AM.

What is God calling me to do that is “Outside the Zone?”

Am I asking “Is this task appealing to me?”

Am I asking “Will I appeal to others?”

Satan’s tactics are old; he uses the same tricks on us that he tried to use on Moses.  How do we respond? WHO AM I, as a Christian?

1. The beloved child who was saved from certain death by way of escape.

2. My story of protection alone should give me  a sense of identity.

3. My story of redemption by way of the heir to the throne should bring the acknowledgment of a particular plan for my life.

Have you ever had a moment with God when you were 100% sure of His plan for you?  Last week, through Booksneeze, I received a book by Max Lucado, “Cast of Characters.”  And just guess who is one of the Bible characters in this book? MmHmm. Moses. And just guess what the subtitle of this book is? “Common People in the Hands of An Uncommon God.”

Here is a short excerpt from the book:

“…I am not a great man! How can I go down to the king and lead the Israelites out of Egypt?” (Ex. 3:11)

I’m glad Moses asked that question.   It’s a good one.  Why Moses?  Or more specifically, why eighty-year-old Moses?

The forty year old version was more appealing (my emphasis)…

“School’s out,” God tells him.   “Now it’s time to get to work.”  Poor Moses.  He didn’t even know he was enrolled.

But he was.  And guess what? So are you.  The voice from the bush is the voice that whispers to you.  It reminds you that God is not finished with you yet.”

Time to step: Outside the Zone. Can’t wait to talk about Moses once more next week: “Outside the Zone of Ability.”

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