Just a good ol’ girl…

Yesterday I drove my children outside of our suburb into the country. I declared, “Well, guys, we’re on a country road today.” My oldest son’s face broke into a smile that I could see in the rear view mirror and he cheekily said, “You’re a country mom.” He quickly went on to clarify that he meant that I grew up in the country. Hmmm… living in the suburbs of the largest metropolitan area in Ohio, within minutes of five star restaurants and shopping malls, yet I’m a country mom. This little interchange encouraged an entourage of thoughts about the path on which the Lord has guided me over the years.

In some places on that country drive, the road was rough, with potholes and dips for which I had to stay prepared. The little hills and curves kept me alert and focused on my drive, not just the destination. There were stop signs that seemed to appear out of nowhere and the sign of wild life that indicated probable road kill if I wasn’t careful.

So much of our lives as Christians resemble that country road. Oh there are beautiful skies and smooth places. The sun shines and we roll down the windows to feel the breeze. But there are some foggy curves when we can’t see where we’re going and some extremely rough patches that might even leave us with a flat tire.

In I Kings 20: 28&29, we find a two verse story about the Syrians. The Bible says they were a people who believed that God was the God of the hills, but not the God of the valleys. How often do we fall for the trap of thinking that the God of our salvation is only big enough for the hills, but not the valleys? In verse 29, we see what the God of Israel did with the Syrians; 100,000 of them were killed in one day!

Thinking God is only big enough for the mountain top experiences? Psalm 121 tells us exactly what to do. Think outside the hill.

Just a Mom with a Heart for God.

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