Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me by Ian Cron

“Jesus, My Father, The CIA and Me: A Memoir…of Sorts” by Ian Cron is a moving autobiography recorded by a master storyteller.  I fell in love with books at a young age because of the author’s style of writing.  Descriptive, yet cryptic.  Darling, yet daring.  Every emotion of the spirit of humans is engaged in reading this story of Ian’s journey through life. Both with and without Christ.

From my personal perspective, this book was an eye-opening experience as to the difficulties of daily living with an alcoholic or addict of any sort. The torment of insecurity and lack of support during childhood will break your heart to pieces.  The perseverance of Christ’s love in spite of confused religion will bring triumph to your mind and soul in fresh light.  The author gives the readers an opportunity to see how his past affected his future and the choices he made as a result.  I particularly adored the brief stories of his own children and how he deliberately made choices to prevent his past from ruining his future.

This book  is well-written and entertaining.  The title is intriguing and the subtitle further explains the intention of the book.  I give it a 4 out of 5.



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