Is $2.38 enough?

This Saturday, April 24, 2010, Matt and I will be running the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, TN. We are very excited about this opportunity to celebrate our daughter, Taylor, who is 13 years old. We’re calling it “Celebrating 13 Years in 13 Miles.” God has graciously given Taylor a beautiful life in spite of her diagnosis of MPS, for which the average life span is 10-15 years.

Last week, one of our wonderful caregiver/nurses for Taylor bought one of our race shirts to support our efforts in raising awareness and one of our other daughters, who is 6, caught the fever. She ran upstairs and got her piggy bank; then she came back downstairs and asked me to help her count the money. I announced, “You have $2.38.” The next words she said brought her mama to tears: “Is $2.38 enough to buy a shirt to help Taylor and the other sick kids?” My mind instantly went to the Bible story of the widow and her two mites. “She gave all that she had.” Luke 21:3&4

So, I’m asking you to buy one of our shirts for $20 and wear it proudly this Sat. no matter where you will be. To do that, email [email protected], message me on facebook, or DM twitter name RachelWojo. I only have 17 shirts left and would love to know that they are fulfilling their intention.

It is not about the amount. It’s about where your heart is.

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  1. Thank you! I received your email this morning and I'm mailing it out today! I would love for you to meet Taylor; our Ohio MPS gathering is July 24. We usually have about 15 MPS families.

  2. I would love to buy one…where can I send a check! Taylor is an inspiration!

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