In the Presence of Jehovah

Just came back from worship ministry rehearsal and it was fantastic, as usual. Our worship pastor reintroduced a song we did years ago. Nine years ago, in fact. Back then, Matt and I sat on the opposite side of the auditorium and I sang soprano instead of playing keyboards as I’ve done for the last ? years. I remember the Sunday that we praised the Lord with this particular song, even though it was nine years ago.

The reason I have such a visual memory of this song is because it was the first Sunday after our family received the horrible news of our daughter,Taylor’s diagnosis of MPS (mucopolysacchridoses.) I can’t remember much of Pastor’s message because most of the time Matt and I were sitting in the pew with occasional tears streaming down our faces. But I remember the words of this song, soothing my soul as only the Spirit of the Lord can.

You HAVE to read these words. Take them in before you listen to the song.

In and out of situations,

That tug-of-war at me

All day long I struggle

For answers that I need

But then I come into His presence,

All my questions become clear

And for a sacred moment,

No doubt can interfere


In the presence of Jehovah,

God Almighty, Prince of Peace

Troubles vanish, hearts are mended,

In the presence of The King

Through His love the Lord provided,

A place for us to rest

A place to find the answers,

In hours of distress

Now there is never any reason,

To give up in despair

Just look away and breathe His name,

He will come and meet you there

Writing this blog is a feeble attempt at explaining the depth of God’s grace and mercy to us during different situations in life.

Whatever you are going through, the answer is to take it to Jesus. That’s not a tweet, status update, or trivial, shallow statement.

That is the best advice that “just a mom with a heart for God” can offer.

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