Holiday Fever

My family has holiday fever. No, our Christmas tree isn’t up. We haven’t shopped til we dropped or sipped eggnog by the fire. (Who does drink eggnog?) My husband hasn’t hung the first outdoor string of lights and the dust is still on the storage bins of decorations in the attic. No, what I really mean is that our children have entered the official ultra-hyper “holiday fever” mode.   You  know, the mode where all usual discipline methods fly out the window and you resort to pulling your hair out?

If there is such a thing as “spring fever,” then by all means there MUST be a “holiday fever.” Why, already I can feel the road rage lurking greedily as I’m driving around the area. The checkout line at the store today held the scent of discovered bargains and the countdown to Christmas was displayed on the bank billboard. So if the children have contracted this crazy disease, then surely the adults are susceptible as well.

What if we could initiate such a fever over the true meaning of Christmas? One that would cause chills of happiness to sweep over our bodies regardless of what gift we received. One that would ignite our minds with an intense, burning desire to see others come to know the Best Gift. One that would stir hearts to recognize Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of the world.

Searching for ideas that will spread a holiday fever of the right sort. Please comment to add yours!

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