Hannah’s Prayer Path

I Samuel 2:18-21

You may have heard the statement, “You can never outgive God.” But how many of us really believe it? We all know about Hannah desperately begging God for a child and God granting her request. And most of us have read far enough along to know that Hannah made a coat for Samuel every year, which she took to him at the yearly sacrifice time. Imagine the joy of sewing that precious coat. But the story doesn’t end there! Verse 21 gives us more: “Eli blessed Elkanah and his wife, and said, The LORD give thee seed of this woman for the loan which is lent to the LORD.” What was the blessing? The Lord visited Hannah. What greater blessing could she have than a visit from the Lord! This word “visit” is paquad in the Hebrew, which means to look after or care for. The Lord looked after Hannah and cared for her. He gave her three sons and two daughters! How God loves to bless His children. Hannah is such an incredible example for us. Let’s review:

Hannah’s Prayer Path:

  1. Finding her point of desperation and admitting her spiritual barrenness.
  2. Pouring out bitterness of soul and in return allowing the fullness of God to fill her to overflowing.
  3. Believing in the God of the impossible: whether she was delivered FROM the trial before entering it, delivered OUT OF the middle of the trial, or delivered THROUGH the trial. (Some terminology credit to Beth Moore here. (smile) )
  4. Praising God for salvation, security, sanctification, strength, sustenance, service, superiority, supremacy, settlement, sentinel and sovereignty.


And then, she was visited by the Lord.

Many Christians have a true heart’s desire to be visited by Him. But we certainly don’t want to follow the above path to get there. Why, that path has too many rocks and stones that could hurt our feet! And those slippery spots might just make us fall down. Who knows what could come out onto the path and further harm us?

We fail to realize that our focus should not be on the path itself but on the One we are following through the path.

Lord Jesus:

I thank you so much for the opportunity to use my words to point others to You. I pray that You would place in the hearts of those reading this blog an undeniable urge to spend more time in prayer with You after reading this study. Thank you for the opportunity to obey in whatever capacity You lead. May we continue in service until Your kingdom come. Amen.

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