Green Beans and Jelly Beans

Several years ago, my oldest son was watching me feed his older disabled sister. As I placed the green beans in her mouth, she made quite the face. Her younger brother received the definite message that she did NOT like green beans. His response, “Taylor doesn’t like green beans, Mom. (slight pause)How about jelly beans?” He was definitely going to bat for her! His negotiating skills haven’t slacked off, but this little statement was one that made the journal.

I’ve thought about his question so often. How about jelly beans? Could they really replace green beans? After all, they would certainly taste better. She wouldn’t make a face. He wouldn’t have to watch her grimace. I wouldn’t have to feel terrible for forcing her to eat. Seems like a great solution. But as adults, we know better. Cavities, sugar highs, and poor nutrition would result if this exchange were to take place on a regular basis. Nope, the green beans are a necessity, like it or not. Now Taylor loves green beans and enjoys them regularly. If she hadn’t been forced to try them initially though, even more than one time, then she wouldn’t love them today.

God’s Word is so full of green beans. Hebrews 5:12-14 discusses our desire for the “meat” of the word. Our sinful nature does not have a desire for God’s Word and its sustenance. But our saved souls have an inmost passion to commune with our God. How do we accomplish this? Through His Word! Simple enough, but occasionally I find myself needing some spiritual Tums to aid my digestion!

Next time you have a Scriptural “tough pill to swallow,” think about the green beans and the jelly beans. What will your decision be in accepting God’s Word for its authority and allowing it to transform your life?

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