God’s Promises Children’s Books Giveaway

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Today I am so excited to bring you this Tommy Nelson giveaway of two books, one designed for boys and one designed for girls. God’s Promises for Boys and God’s Promises for Girls are two children’s books that my children are currently loving! When I asked for the book from my 8 yr old daughter so I could write this review, she asked, “Please don’t take out my bookmark; I don’t want to lose my place.” 😉

The world changes every.single.day. We all know that and quite often as humans, our souls beg for firmness and rest. I really want my children, while they are young, to grasp that God does not change and His Word does not change. In the sea of ever-evolving society, God’s promises can be gripped because He is not shifting. These two books are designed to teach that very concept.

The books can be used as devotionals OR as situations arise, the topic could be researched through the easy-to-read index. The topics are categorized by:

God’s Promises When…
Examples: You Live Like a Princess, You Are Happy, You Are Worried…

God’s Promises About…
Examples: The Woman You’ll Grow Up to Be (for girls version), The Man You’ll Grow Up to Be (for boys version)

God Wants You to…
Examples: Use Your Time Wisely, Please Him…

And four more categories that are just as needed for reassurance of God’s protection, love and forgiveness.

Colorful and appealing, I know there just has to be a kiddo in your life who could benefit greatly from God’s Promises for Boys or God’s Promises for Girls. (click the links for more info or to order)

So, who would like to win a copy of the pair of books? I thought you might!

Just follow the rafflecopter instructions to enter to win and have a great day!

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  1. Rachel F. says:

    Looking for a wonderful devotional for our daughter. Wanting to fill her heart, mind and mouth with Gods word. Mine too!

  2. Would love to have these books for my 2 daughters and my son!!! My youngest daughter is only 1, but you can never start teaching about God too soon!

  3. Lori Kerrigan says:

    I pray that he will always love Jesus

  4. Brooke Covington says:

    We pray each night with my 2 and 4 year old that God will show each of them His will for their lives.

  5. Beth Sanford says:

    I pray for protection, peace, and a good nights sleep.

  6. I love these books and would love to have a copy of each!

  7. I pray for them to grow to be the men that God created them to be according to His purpose and that I raise them according to His will <3

  8. I just pray for protection. My daughter’s been saying prayers since about 2 years old, she’s now 3 and I just love listening to the things she thanks God for. One she bring up a lot is, “Thank your for the mud puddle we went through in the Jeep.” haha.

  9. I pray that all 5 one day will meet and fall in love with a Godly spouse

  10. I pray that God will bless my daughter with His word and fill her heart with compassion and forgiveness towards others.

  11. That I would trust in God’s sovereignty and His love and care for my children. That I would be faithful to my calling as a mom.

  12. I pray the 91st Psalm over my children for protection – that no evil shall befall them or no harm come near their dwelling, that God has given His angels charge over them!

  13. i am always asking God to protect my baby girl

  14. I would love to win these for my sons and daughter. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. Would love to add this to my son’s devotional readings!

  16. Cristina McOmber says:

    Really excited about this giveaway! I have a little girl and a baby boy and would love these books for them. Also, have a mom’s group I meet with weekly, could use this for our story times. Thank you 🙂

  17. love to teach the kids God’s word- would love this tool

  18. Bethany B. says:

    My family is at the starting line for our faith journey. I have been relying on your blog to lead me in the right direction for myself as well as my children. These books would be a great starting point for both of our kids to follow God’s word in their daily lives. Thanks!

  19. Ylliana Colombo says:

    When my son accidentaly swallowed a coin as we were waiting for the doctor to remove it with laparoscopy my son and I started to sing a worship song that is about the promise from God never to leave us and since then we always give thanks to God for His faithfullnes. We pray : Joshua 1:5 (NASB)
    5 No man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Just as I have been with Moses, I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you.

  20. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. I would love to have either one of these books to share with them and to help us through some of life’s questions. I want my children to turn to God for every worry and I pray that they will. This book is a great resource! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  21. I pray God will provide the guidance in their hearts that he may know Him more intimately.

  22. I pray Proverbs 3:5 and 6 for my boys they will trust the Lord with all their hearts and that He will guide their paths.

  23. Would love to have this for my 3 yo twin boys! Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. Melinda T says:

    I pray that my girls love themselves and one another, for God’s guidance and to grow in faith.

  25. By Jesus Stripes, they are healed. And that they lay down and sleep in peace.

  26. We pray at night and I love to hear her little voice talk to God in prayer. Just recently she decided to TELL God she needed a baby sister, I hope He will answer that one too. :0)

  27. Sha'rrell Haws says:

    My bio grandkids, I always pray that they would seek after God all the days of their lives, never straying to the right or the left and that they remember we love them regardless of if they’ve had a good or bad day, we’ll love them just as much… for the foster kids, I add that they would have a SAFE home to return to and that their mom and dad would give their lives to Christ so the kids can continue in church and that they always remember, that no matter WHAT happens, not only does Jesus love them but so do Me-ma and Papa and that they will remember us……

  28. For protection, wisdom and a heart to serve God daily.

  29. I pray that they will love the Lord their God with everything that is within them. I pray that Jesus Christ will be the lover of their souls.

  30. I pray for both my children to learn to love and follow the Lord’s path for them.

  31. We have 5 boys so I pray that God will help us to raise them as godly men who will live for Him!

  32. Nickole S says:

    I am excited about these two books. I have both, son and daughter, and they love reading God’s Word. We have them read us a story each night. It is a great way to end the day!

  33. I pray for their spiritual & physical growth, health, happiness and protection!

  34. I pray that God will guide them as they grow up and to always protect them.

  35. Nancy Miller says:

    Protection and wisdom.

  36. Andrea Jones says:

    I usually pray His promise of love over them, then they pray about whatever is on their minds that night. Their prayer can melt my heart or crack me up!

  37. My husband does bed time with our almost 3 year old son every night….story, pray, hugs, etc. I do nap time with him & the little guy I look after. My son goes in with me to put the other boy to bed (he’s 3). He covers him up, prays with him, hugs him and tells him to have a good sleep as he quietly closes the door. I think my hubby is doing a great job with bed time and our son is following his example. 🙂 I think it’s so important to read and pray with our children.

  38. Looks like a great pair of books! This would be perfect for my son and daughter.

  39. Tenishia Seay says:

    My daughter and I always pray that she will lie down in safety and her sleep will be sweet, shw will lie down and not be afraid because the Lord is with her 🙂 My mom used to pray that over me every night growing up…and I do the same with my daughter. “Like mother, like daughter”

  40. I pray that God will protect them and bless them, shine his face upon them, show them grace. I also pray that they grow up to be women after God’s own heart.

  41. Crystal Scott says:

    Would love to have these for my children. They seem like a wonderful tool to have.!

  42. I would love to read this book. We just recently started to teach my two year old prayers.

  43. Amanda Blazer says:

    I just recently started praying with my children at night. I love hearing their prayers because they are so sweet and often unexpected but always hopeful 🙂 I love reading them bible stories and books about God and look forward to growing our Christian book collection.

      1. Tanya Plott says:

        I pray that God will watch over and protect them as they sleep and guide them in their daily lives and they grow and change.

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