Dreaming on Perspective…

Ever know you are supposed to do something, but don’t know why?  Or how?…

I knew they had endured some trials of late, but I had no idea the depth of their circumstances.  As the Holy Spirit nudged me, I asked a man this week what his wife enjoys.

“What does she like?”

It seemed a simple question.  I was looking for a response similar to:

Bath & Body Works…


going out to eat…

What I got was:

More than anything, she wants to be a stay at home mom.  We can’t have children, so we plan to adopt.”

I later found out that cancer had played a role in their situation….and God said to me very clearly:

You have someone’s dream job.

You see, being a stay-at-home mom has its challenges.  Anyone would agree that it’s not for the faint of heart!


While I’m cleaning up spilled milk (only the third major spill in three days)…

someone is wishing that spilled milk was a part of  their daily chores.

While I’m maintaining dirty bottoms and keeping diapers sealed and shipped out to the garage trash…

someone, somewhere, is dreaming of the incredible first moment of holding their very own baby.

While I’m taking a speed shower and scrubbing toilets…

someone is wishing for less shower time and more dirty toilets.

While I’m  growing tired of hearing “Mommy! He hit me…”

somebody is thinking about the precious first words of “DaDa” and “MaMa.”

While I’m trying to manage meal plans, groceries, and coupons,

some dear lady would love to be cooking for a family of eight every night.

While I’m praying for grace and mercy to keep up with the madness of six children and demanding schedules,

someone is holding their breath for a positive pregnancy test or approval from the adoption agency.


You have someone’s dream job.

What are you doing with it?

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  1. Sometimes a reminder like this comes at the most perfect moment! Thank you Rachel for putting it into perspective!

    1. My reminder from God. He keeps me in check! 🙂 You know I know what you are going through better than average.

  2. You have no idea how much this means to me. At some point and time everyone gets wrapped up in their own world they dont see the big picture. Love you Lea

    1. Much love to you, sweet niece. Any time you get an urge for a couple days of changing diapers, just head this way. 😉

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