2014 Daily Bible Reading Challenge


Hey Friends! I’m excited to be unveiling our 2014 Daily Bible Reading Challenge today! This week I posted various daily Bible reading plans from which you can choose so that you would have an opportunity to look over them. You can choose methods that vary from a daily schedule to print and mark to email reminders or apps.

daily Bible reading challenge

Reading through the Bible in a year using the M’Cheyne plan provides approximately four chapters a day from four different books of the Bible. For me, this takes about 20 minutes a day. For 2014, we will use the M’Cheyne Bible Reading plan once more.

After doing the 2013 Bible Reading Challenge, the largest lesson I learned is that finding a method that works well for you is the key to being able to read through the Bible in a year.I found that using the Olive Tree Bible Study App and tracking the plan through their available reading plans is the best method of daily reading for me. Each chapter can be marked off as you read. I found myself reading a chapter while waiting for children to picked up from practices or waiting in the doctor’s office.

Why read the Bible through in a year?

Last year the Lord just whispered to my heart that it was time to be serious about reading God’s Word. I’ve read through the Bible several times before, but it had been a few years since I had read the Bible from cover to cover.

My husband gave a Christmas card to me and what did I do with it? I placed it in the kitchen window where I can see it and be thankful for it. I will pick it up several times over the next few weeks and read it to remember and reflect on his words of love to me. That’s what we do when we love someone- we enjoy their words of love to us. God loves us so very much. And I love Him. So naturally I want to reflect on His words of love to me.

As far as studying the Bible in addition to reading it, I studied in various manners throughout the year. At some points, I was involved in a small group Bible study from church or the community while doing the Bible reading challenge. I didn’t take a lot of extra time to reflect on the daily Bible reading from the challenge because of the more in-depth studying I was doing with my small group. But in the weeks I was not involved in small group, I studied one chapter of the daily Bible reading in addition to reading it. I used this simple Bible study guide: 4 questions to ask for any chapter of the Bible for the study.

I’m only telling you what worked for me to give you ideas on how the challenge might work for you.

The point of collectively doing the 2014 Daily Bible Reading Challenge is to unite our hearts towards reading God’s Word and to provide encouragement to one another.

For 2014, we will check in each Monday on the blog in the comments section. Last year we checked in on Fridays, but I think Monday might be a better day for this. So no matter where you are in the daily reading, we want to see your smiling avatar (that’s the photo beside your name) and anything from “I’m on it!” to “I’m behind, but that’s ok- I’m still going.”

For 2014, the daily scheduled reading will be posted in the right sidebar with the Olive Tree logo just as it is now or you can follow any method of the M’Cheyne Bible reading plan with us or any other plan you’d like.

Would you like to join us for the 2014 Daily Bible Reading Challenge?

Just leave a comment today to let us know that you read this post and want to be a part! Choose your plan and begin reading on Jan. 1 or before if you’d like! Then be sure to come back on our first check-in day, Monday, Jan. 6th and leave a comment so we can encourage one another.





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  1. Yes yes and yes! A bit late but count me in! Super excited to catchup!

  2. Tamatha Laymance says:

    I would love to join…

  3. I would love 2 join.

  4. christy mccallum says:

    Count me in. It is a bit late, but I will do some catching up 🙂

  5. Stephanie Geyer says:

    I just found your website and want to be a part of the Bible study.

  6. Susan Caudill says:

    Better late than never..IN!

  7. Courtney Neugart says:

    I have some catching up to do! But this sounds like a great place to start. Please count me in!

  8. Annabel Serrano says:

    I’m a few days late but I have always wanted to read the bible all the way through. It’s inspiring to read all these comments & I will definitely pass this on to my friends & family.
    God Bless you! 🙂

  9. Jessie Ferguson says:

    Count me in, please! I know I am starting on Day 5 but I feel the Lord really lead me to your website today! I have been praying that God would lead me to the Bible study He wanted me to be a part of and that lead me straight to you. I look forward to the challenge! Thank you

  10. Am keen to try it electronically with others.

  11. I’m a few days late, but joining in. I’m really looking forward to conquering something I have never done – reading the Bible all the way through!

  12. My husband and I are using the M’Cheyne plan again this year. I found it on your website last year and we loved it!!! I couldn’t wait to start over again on January 1st.

    We recommend to our friends and others that want a good Bible reading plan.


    1. YAY! I’m glad, Kim! When I look back over the year as a whole, I really love this plan. Keeps me focused on the reading and I don’t get too bogged down when I’m reading the genealogies. 🙂

  13. Nichole Kyle says:

    Count me in…. I’m late but I really want to join in on the challenge! Let’s help inspire each other!! Excited and I have some catching up to do!!!

    1. You can do it!- not too much to catch up on. WE had folks join in as late as the 15th last year and they still completed the challenge. 🙂

      1. I would like to join… where do I find the 4 options? Do I download just the Olive Tree app or is there a specific one? Thank you and have a blessed day!

      2. You can download the app and then look through the reading plans. Choose the one you’d like to do- you don’t have to do the M’Cheyne plan, though that is the one we are using. If you look in the right sidebar here on the website, you’ll see the daily reading each day. Here’s the post with many choices on the reading plans: https://rachelwojo.com/daily-bible-reading-plan/

  14. Lori Vivas says:

    Count me in please!

  15. Linda in Maryville says:

    I missed the sign up day, but am signing up as I started the reading yesterday! Printed my book marks to remind me daily what is to be read!
    Thankful for your website to help as I just stumbled on it yesterday!

  16. Count me in! This is my year of renewal … and I know that I cannot do it alone! Help and prayers always welcomed!

  17. tracee sealy says:

    I’m in. Thanks

  18. Rachel Roberts says:

    Gonna get it done!!!!

  19. Yes, please include me in your challenge.

  20. Erin McCormick says:

    Count me in. Reading the Bible is one of my Goals for this year!

  21. Jessica H says:

    I’m in. I’ve never done it.

  22. Rachel Doctor says:

    I would like to join !

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