Be Blessed

Monday was here and there were very few groceries in the house. Had to make a “real” shopping trip- you know, the kind where you just have to cough up the money and actually decide to feed your family? The kind where you think ahead by meal plans, not by, “What in the world do we eat tonight?” The kind of shopping trip urged by your children starting to want pancakes for three meals a day. (Please tell me I am not the only person in the world who does this.)

But Mondays are busy. As is every day in our household; probably yours too. No sweat, armed with my list, I set out at the “perfect” time, with only one child in tow (beats four).

At the checkout, the cashier (who recognizes me due to my frequent shopping) is sweet as can be and asks if she can call someone to help me out with my two shopping carts. “That would be great,” I replied. And so enters this story, a sweet disabled man who loves to help people. From the store to my van, three times he said, “Hi, I’m Everett. How are you today?” He desperately wanted to make conversation and talked to my sweet baby, Tarah, who just stared. Everett took it in stride and said, “She’s not impressed.” After arriving at the van, I asked him if he could just unload the groceries in the cart that he was pushing, while I unloaded mine. His joyful reply, “That’s what I’m here for.” He asked about my other kids and talked about his grade school days. I thanked him for his help and called out for him to have a good day. He called out, “Be blessed!” and waved as he made his way back to the store.

Be blessed. His words arrested me and caused me to tear up. (I do admit it doesn’t take much…)

What better advice could I have been given for the day?

What better farewell could have been issued?

Psalm 84 came to mind. The entire chapter is about being “blessed”, which truly means “happy.”

Verse 12: “O
Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you.”

And so I leave you with just two words:

Be blessed.

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