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As a Tommy Mommy, I had the opportunity to review a wonderful Christmas book, “The Pine Tree Parable.”  This book is so appropriate for all ages and another way to emphasize the meaning of giving. My trustworthy assistant, Tristina, a 2nd grader, wrote this review:

This book is about a farmer who plants Christmas trees every day of the year.    The farmer and his wife started to plant Christmas trees when their children were little.   As the kids grew, the trees grew with them.   One day the farmer and his wife had enough trees to sell them for Christmas, but there was one tree that was not for sale.   A poor family of three came to get a tree. There was a little girl, a mommy and a daddy. They could not afford a tall pretty tree like some people. So they went to the free and small trees. The little girl saw a big, tall and pretty tree. It was the tree that farmers wife picked out that was not for sale. But the little girl didn’t know that. Her parents were embarrassed. So was the farmer. She wanted it so bad but it wasn’t for sale. The farmers wife took a breath and said “This is not for sale but you can have it. As a gift. For Christmas.” Her parents were so thankful. They were so happy. The farmer was so proud of his wife. The little girl jumped up and down. Up down.  Up and down. When they cut down the tree. They took it home in their rusty, old truck. Now that’s the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t you think?  This book is really about caring. And teaches people how to care. 

Thanks, Tristina, for a great job on the review!

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Disclosure: This book was provided by Tommy Nelson; all opinions are my own.


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  1. Our family tradition every year was to cut down a tree for Christmas! We are a little more creative now b/c it’s just not in the budget, but we still have a blast! Any opportunity for a teachable moment for my boys, I’m on it! Thanks Tristina for the great review!

  2. Cassie Emerick says:

    our family has a couple of this authors parable books and we like them. this one would be wonderful too

  3. My family had a Christmas tree farm in Ross County growing up. Sweet memories!!!

  4. Subscribed to your blog.

  5. I like you on FB.

  6. Subscribing to the blog.

  7. I’ve heard about this book and would like a copy of it!
    Terrific review, Tristina!

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