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day 3 Bible reading

It’s Day 3 of the Bible Reading Challenge! On Fridays, we check in together with a hearty- “I did it!” Hope you’ll be back tomorrow to give us an update.

AsSilverRefined_TP_cvr.inddToday’s post is a book review on a treasure of a book, “As Silver Refined” by Kay Arthur.

“As Silver Refined” by Kay Arthur will knock your socks off with its depth and wisdom. The subtitle to this wonderful book is “Answers to Life’s Disappointments.” I’ve had this book for about six months and mulled it over again and again. In fact, I kept postponing writing this review because I just didn’t think I could do it justice.

The question on the back cover states:

What can you do when life doesn’t turn out like you planned?

I believe that question fits anyone on earth. We’ve all experienced broken dreams and unmet expectations. And so many times, we blame God. “How could God let that happen?”

Mary and Martha experienced this question when their dear brother, Lazarus, died. They sent for their precious friend, Jesus; they knew he could heal him in an instant. But Jesus didn’t come to them right away. Instead, he waited and when he finally came, three days later, Lazarus was already in the grave. The Scripture passage that describes this situation is well-known for holding the shortest verse in the Bible- Jesus wept. His heart was broken for his friends and the reality of their limited faith. He only had to speak and Lazarus came from the grave- alive and whole!

I love the pointblank statement that Kay makes in this book, to me, this statement is a fabulous summary of learning how to Biblically embrace the rough spots of your life:

You can be defeated by life’s unavoidable disappointments, or you can become stronger because of them.


This book also contains a 13-week companion Bible study and I highly recommend it. If you are discouraged or depressed over circumstances in your life, I can’t express just how much this book will guide you through your own thoughts, pointing towards God’s plan for your life in the gentlest, yet most direct manner.

Is there anyone who needs prayer today? I’d love to pray for you. Just leave a “me” in the comments below.

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  1. me…chronic pain condition that is MUCH improved after surgery but still causes many of these disappointments you mentioned in this post.

    thank you again for this challenge and series you are doing. it is blessing me and my husband.!

  2. Me and my marriage

    1. Lord Jesus, will you be with Jennifer and her marriage tonight? Bless her marriage and I pray that you would give her just what she needs and her husband what he needs. May they place you first and receive the benefits of that.

  3. Me and my marriage.

    1. Jesus, tonight I pray for Kathy. I don’t know her situation, but you do. Would you please intervene in her marriage right now? Could you send her some resources that would assist her and her husband through their life together? We ask for your work to be done in their lives; may hearts be centered towards you. Bless you, Kathy. That is such a hard thing to ask prayer for sometimes.

  4. Nancy Miller says:


    1. Oh Jesus. Please be with my friend, Nancy. How You’ve crossed our paths in such a wonderful way and I pray that You would meet Nancy today right where she’s at. Give her your love and mercy in the form of showers. May she feel the rain of your grace. Praying for you today, Nancy, as I work.

  5. Thank you for your sweet offer Rachel…it’s been “one of those days”.

    1. Oh Jesus. I know that “One of those days” feeling so well. Could you please let Tonya know Your presence today in the middle of her not-so-great day? Give her the reassurance of your love and care. Blessings Tonya!

  6. Could you please pray for my friend Stephanie? I found your review via Pinterest, and a quote from the book. She needs to read this. Life has not turned out the way she has planned and she’s hurting. Thank you so much.

    1. Heavenly Father, today I pray for Stephanie. Would you hug her hurting heart today and just give her the comfort of Your promises. We don’t always see Your plan- but we trust You to make all things good in our lives. Blessings to you Kristin!

  7. Me, please. Its very much neded. Thank you

    1. God, I pray for Jenny. I don’t know her needs, but the glorious thing is that you do. Please be with her in a special way today and bless her as only You can. Praying for you today, Jenny!

  8. Me. Thank you.

    1. Lord Jesus I pray for Vanessa today. May my prayer continue to lift her throughout this day. Amen.

  9. Jennifer C. says:

    My husband. Thank you!

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