As American as Baseball and Apple Pie…

Michael, our 8 yr. old son, is the all-American boy.  He enjoys baseball, but well, it’s a learning process, right?  Now since this is his second year, he has improved greatly.  He has made some awesome catches this year, has only struck out once in all the games he has played (guessing 15 or so?), and has played the base like a trooper.  However, his coach has had him play catcher about half the innings each game… and well, let’s just say it has not been his forte.

After all, it’s coach pitch baseball and the kids get six strikes.  Lots of balls coming towards you as the catcher! Very few of the catchers in his league ever really catch a ball.  And on Michael’s team, there were no outs made at home plate all year.

Last week, bases were loaded; play was at home.

We needed a miracle and Michael was catching…   The inside fielders got the ball in and…

Michael caught the ball at home, and tagged his man out! Third out!! One mama on the field was shouting a little louder than usual, I’m sure you can’t imagine who she was… (throat clearing.)

So I’m proud of my little man. He had a huge victory; did something no one else on his team had accomplished the whole season.

The miracle happened.

What kind of miracle do you need?

It could happen.

For with God all things are possible.

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