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How can I keep going when everything is going wrong? So this is where I need your help. There is really only one thing I need from you at this point.  What has helped you more than anything when you were at the worst point of your life?

Hey there! I’m glad you stopped by today. This post is a little unusual for me because I really love to talk inspiring Biblical truths and practical applications, as well as prayer journals and everything faith-related. This post today is more of an open letter to my readers. If you are a first-time reader, my apologies, but here goes…

When I set out on the journey to writing a book, I had no clue what I was doing. I wish I could tell you it’s been easy, but it hasn’t. For many reasons. Needless to say, the one thing I wish I could have more is someone to bounce off a few ideas. Someone to understand how protective and excited I am over the topic of this book. Someone to listen and say, “Did you think about this side of it?”

The publishing team has entered the very last stage before this book goes to print and I really want to make sure that I’ve covered the most important issues around the book topic. I have one more opportunity to read it through and make sure I’ve written what God has wanted me to write. So what is the book really about?

One More Step is a message of hope and encouragement for those who feel they can’t go on. Using the never-failing promises in God’s Word, I’m showing you how you can discover the strength to push through your pain and persevere when you’d rather just give up.

In a nutshell, this book answers the question:

How can I keep going when everything is going wrong?

So this is where I need your help. There is really only one thing I need from you at this point.

What has helped you more than anything when you were at the worst point of your life?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for leaving your answers in the comments today!


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  1. Staying focused on God and seeking Him in everything around me. He is definitely present
    But we don’t always recognize Him. Our world has so many distractions its easy to overlook
    His connection with is.
    May God bless you Rachel and unveil your eyes to see and your hand to write His words.

  2. the struggle itself was quite the teacher but having the Lord put people in my path who understand my struggles..bloggers..people who struggle w similar circumstances

  3. I had issues with trust, communication, and simply felt tired of being manipulated and lied to. I really began to question my purpose with my oldest son and my marriage. I got tired of always “watching behind my back” or “checking up” on a situation. I needed to be strong and available for the 3 younger kids and I had started a new position at work, navigating newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in our healthcare system. I simply could not focus and felt so overwhelmed with anxiety and complete lack of control. I finally gave it up to God. No more, my soul simply could not take it. I had women that I was speaking with that had their very lives flash before their eyes and I was consumed with my own issues. Finally it hit me. My answer…….Prayers everyday, whenever…….It’s all I had. I started a prayer journal. At first they read like pleas, or even complaints. But every day I would see little changes that meant a world of difference. Then the prayer journal began to reflect thankfulness, blessings, and a request for the continuation of all of the gifts that God was sending my way. Prayer is so powerful. It’s not an instant fix, but if part of your prayers are to ask for God to cut the chatter in your head and get rid of the anxiety that is drowning you, you actually begin to notice the little ways that God speaks. Whether it is hearing the song that you and your husband walked down the isle together at your wedding, or a christian support message that flashes up on your facebook feed, or even a profound statement made by another person. I even found that on the days that I felt most anxious, the Jesus Calling Devotion Book was spot on. Feeling desperate for something to soothe my aching mind and heart, I found it in the lines printed for these devotions. Telling me to ask God to control my mind and he will bless me with life and peace, and I was really needing peace. Letting God help me get through the day, facing all difficulties with Him at my side. I still pray everyday and thank him for the changes that have already happened and ask him to continue to support all of these positive changes. I continue to ask for guidance and strength, as well as guidance for my family, to guard them from evil, to keep the this evil away that may cause any temptations in their lives. Life is so hard to go through, but if you use God as our navigator, then it’s not so bad. I just give it up to him. I am the only person that I can control or change. If I can have guidance to make myself a better person and pray that God can work his miracles with my family, then we have won the battle. In summary: give it up!!!! Let God take on the burdens, do what you have to do, just because you simply cant step out 100%. But definitely ask for help and guidance and talk talk talk to God. He does listen and things do happen in His name 🙂

  4. Bible art journaling. I started out drawing flowers and writing bible verses on paper and it’s expanded. I think it saved my life last year when we had to put my mom in a care facility.

    Also, crocheting, something about needlework is good for the soul. I took it up last year when things were bad and I continue it as something I can share with my mom when I visit.

    1. Beautiful. I am beginning to understand how art can slow me down and cause me to reflect more earnestly on the Word.

  5. What kept me going… changing my perspective and loving others. Several years ago, there was a period of my life filled daily with overwhelming struggle, despair, frustration, etc. I prayed about how to survive and just keep going, and God’s answer (for me) was quite clear. “Stop focusing on you! Do what I call you to do!” Everyday I prayed when I woke up, throughout the day, and before I slept – what do you want me to do. He began to show me things each and every day that I could do for others (and it rarely cost me a penny – which was great because I didn’t have one most days!). I realized after a while that my despair had turned to joy and I was excited for the new day – although my situation had not changed at all! But each day became about serving God and loving others – and a shift in my daily perspective. From despair to unspeakable joy!

  6. Knowing in my heart that God is always with me and that He’ll never leave or forsake me is what has gotten me through the worst of times.

  7. Having lost our baby Allie at 19 weeks gestation, and my father recently to cancer only 3 months after diagnosis, I thank God for his promise of eternal life for those that believe in Him. On days that my heart breaks with grief I focus on that promise, I believe, and think about the day we are all together again. I am so thankful for that!!

  8. The idea that we become more like Jesus every time we endure a trial allows me to continue in the hard times. At the end of every day, I want to say that I look a little more like Jesus today, and we are able to do that when we are going through difficult times. Although we are encountering pain, the fact that God is always going to use our troubles to glorify Him brings me so much hope. If he is going to use my struggles to glorify Him, I can only imagine what He will do with my successes.

    1. I like what you said about with every trial we endure we look a little more like Jesus – never thought of it quite that way! Yes, your words are such great reminders to me about the worth, the meaning of each and every trial we go through as He sees us and understands us, vs. how the world sees us, and also how we see ourselves oftimes….growing into Him, over and over and over again…if we but allow Him to use the trials for our benefit and that of others as well, so that each becomes a gift for others to benefit from in their trials..

  9. I honestly am in that place right now. While I wish I could say that it was my faith or my prayers or a specific Bible verse that sustains me, I honestly am not strong enough right now to even be able to claim those things. I believe it is God answering the prayers of the faithful few at our church who continue to pray for me, no matter what. I have begged for God to take my life and end it all so many times, but I cannot bring myself to be the cause of that much pain in my family’s lives. And so I continue living this lie…

    1. I hear you and I feel you. It is a place so very familiar to me…

  10. I hold on to the line “All things work together for good, to those who love the Lord”. Some days it is absolutely not easy, and I even have to force myself to keep believing that line. But along with that line, I keep saying “This too shall pass”…….just keep holding on.

  11. Shandel Arlain says:

    My dad passed away two years ago unexpectedly, and this was the changing moment in my life. It totally brought to a place where i had never been, i felt that my life was over, the pain, the questions was unbearable. There were many sleepless nights and in that time I learnt to seek God as I never had before. In that time I saw the faithfulness of God very evident in my life. Remembering, God is not a man that He should lie, and that made me rest on His faithful promises, knowing that i would be secure and safe. God answer my prayers that i tearfully made before His throne in ways that i could not imagine. God is faithful and we need to walk in faith, because without faith it is impossible to please God.

  12. Kimberly B. says:

    Other then prayer or scriptures was reading books that specifically dealt with trials & other peoples stories. When you read about God at work in other people’s lives you then realize that YES He IS at work in yours too & if they were able to survive then I can too. It was also VERY encouraging seeing how God got a lot of these people through their trials. You just can’t comprehend His goodness, greatness and power until you continually see it at work. Looking forward to your book!

  13. God. When I finally saw how God was working in my relationship with my daughter, it gave me peace and understanding about the whole situation. I was able to step back a little and appreciate His awsome love, power, wisdom, and grace. My faith has definitely deepened and continues to everyday. God Is good!

  14. Lorraine Rose says:

    When my husband passed away suddenly ( in June 1989)—- God said I could raise 3 children and run the farm with Faith, Family, Friends and Fertilizer. I did and He was my provider, my refuge, my Lord and my Friend.
    One day at a time—- like others– one verse at a time— one hug at a time are what gets you through.
    The verse on my calendar that fateful day was Philippians 4-13–I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I don’t know how many times I walked the passage at home–saying that verse, over and over till my soul believed it…saying it louder and louder till satan left and I went back to sleep.
    My children are grown now, 2 girls married and I am retired from the farm but that verse has become my life verse. IT WORKS– Praise God.
    Keep up the good work Rachel.. I love your creative hands and loving heart.
    Blessings Lorraine. xoxoxo

    1. Oh Lorraine. I love this!! “God said I could raise 3 children and run the farm with Faith, Family, Friends and Fertilizer” Doesn’t that just sum it up? We need all four parts. He gets us through, gives us people to help us and the energy to work in his strength- Fertilizer- his Word and prayer. As a country girl, I have a deep appreciation for your precious words.

  15. Faith and trust. I had Breast cancer two years ago and knowing God was there and believing that he has a plan for all of us helped me cope. It also strengthened my faith. It was a blessing, really.

  16. In most cases, I try to look inward and upward. I ask soul-searching questions and seek for heaven’s soothing answers. I take a break and review the possible wrong steps I might have taken. I also research possible ‘outs’. Prayer is not over-ruled and Word study is critical but we cannot forget that in a great number of ways, we are responsible for our mess. I try to listen to anointed teachings, too. And of course, counsel from those who have succeeded wont hurt…for in the multitude of counsel there’s no error.
    You have to cheer up and sheen high. It’s just a phase and God has got you covered. 1 Peter 5:9-10; James 4:8

  17. Hi Rachel,

    I came across your website in the beginning of this year, and everyday since then I’ve been blessed and encouraged to the point were I even sent your link to all my family and friends. I find that sometimes when people we know are in a situation that we know exactly what to advise them, however when we find ourselves in that situation we struggle to get out of that space. My advise is follow your own words of wisdom that you have been imparting in people all this time. Just going though your previous encouragements and notes of preparation, you’ll see the Holy spirit will impart new encouragement, new hope, like fresh dew early in the morning that brings refreshing. God has put something awesome in you Rachel, don’t doubt the possibilities of our father. He still has much more in store for you.
    Thank you for your great words of wisdom and encouragement.

    1. Bless you, Letitia. Thank you soooo much for your gracious, kind words. Amen to the power of God.

  18. Of course, you must learn to trust in God’s plan. You need to immerse yourself in His word, and turn to Him in prayer. However, one of the things that made a difference for me, oddly enough, was a roller coaster. My friends drug me kicking and complaining all the way during my trial. To my amazement, riding the rides, laughing, being able to scream at the top of my lungs without looking insane relieved so much pressure. I came away not only with some clarity. but a fun memory with precious friends.

    1. What a neat thought- just having fun! I forget to have fun sometimes. Thanks for that!

  19. The time my mom and I were going through cancer. My mom lost her battle. I thank God for being my Rock. All the people He brought into my life to walk with me during my journey. Nothing like walking and talking to God. You never walk alone!

    1. I’m so sorry about your mom, Annette. My mom lost a cancer battle as well. Amen to walking together and with Him.

  20. Christian music is what’s helped me keep going when I feel like I just can’t go on.

  21. Margaret Elkins says:

    Join 16:33 In this world you will have trouble. Take heart, I have overcome the world.
    Standing on the promises of God.

  22. What helped me most through the tough times in life has been knowing that even I after I fail horribly–perhaps procrastinate all day with terrible consequences–God’s grace is still there to pick me up. I can come to Him and be immediately restored to intimate fellowship with Him. I don’t have to walk around in the shadow of my failures and try to do better before I can really come to Him again.

    After a hard day of failure, I have to come before God, remembering how endlessly gracious and omnipotent He is and trusting that He could still make a great woman of the faith out of me. I haven’t blown it or proven myself worthless. He is a great and loving God, unhindered by my failure. This realization of His grace has been the only thing to ever grant me victory over my procrastination and poor time management. It fills me with such humbled gratitude that I’m excited to go about my day pleasing Him, not worried about failing again.

    I think that was a lot to say a little, but it means the world to me. =)

  23. I have come to that point so many times over my 59 years of life mainly because of unknown and thus unhealed ComplexTraumaticStressDisorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder, both of which are due to early onset (infancy) severe abuse, neglect, abandonment that extends one’s entire childhood and is perpetrated by one’s own parents.

    Thus, whenever I reach those points of wanting to die, and literally breaking down physically and mentally and emotionally, I have literally thrown myself down (on a bed or couch) and told God that I cannot go on and be and do what He created me to be and do unless He somehow gives me someone to love me for real. And I have meant what I said. And He knows this, so shortly afterwards, these prayers of desperation have always been answered, usually in very different ways than I would have envisioned.

    Most recently was 7 years ago, when He brought me to my now-husband, the first person ever to consistently and commitedly love me unconditionally in my life. He is Jesus to me. And because of his deep relationship with Jesus and also his similar trauma background to mine, I have been able now for the first time in over 50 years, to face my traumas fully for Jesus to completely heal me, very gradually, but steadily, even though painfully, and with Him guiding me to the right therapists and the right medications and other supports, but most of all my husband, through Jesus’ love coming through him.

  24. The thing that helped me most when I had difficult periods was friends who spoke God’s truth, encouraged me, and prayed for me.

  25. Back in 2006, when God had me walk away from a bad relationship, immersing myself in God’s word and teaching books, cassettes, and DVDs helped strengthen my faith. Every spare moment I would put a tape into the VCR and watch intently. I watched over and over until I could almost quote the message word for word. Jesse Duplantis’ book “More than Enough” was read a chapter each night before I went to sleep. I would put a cassette teaching in the player, put on headphones and listen to the message as I was falling asleep.

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