The Magic Number

Today is a very special day- the magic number has arrived.

My Taylor girl turns sweet 16 today;16 is significant for many reasons.  Most would think of a driver’s license…dating…  But for our family, Taylor turning 16 is HUGE simply because- we were never sure that Taylor would turn 16.  Since we received Taylor’s diagnosis of MPS when she was 4 years old, a medical number has been assigned to her days on earth. The average lifespan for a child with MPS is 10-15 years.  God has been very gracious and we’ve learned to trust His timing.

So today we celebrate! We celebrate life as a gift and Taylor as a gift.  A very small part of that gift are the words that follow:

Dear Taylor,

Though you can no longer sing, your sweet melodies echo from previous years as those of a musical genius.

Even if you cannot speak, your execution of life lessons is flawlessly delivered to willing students.

While you can’t form sentences or write even one letter, your dissertations flow as the most polished author.

You may be stumbling more frequently and losing the ability to walk, but your life is the finest example of firm tenacity and perseverance.

Each day you teach me that life is so much more about BEING and not DOING.

Each day you lead me on the journey of faith in God, belief in His Word, that all things work together for those who love Him.

Every day you are a clear reminder to trust God, not only for eternal life, but for everyday life.

And so we celebrate the gift of life God gave through and in you. I love you dearly and look forward to the day in Heaven when you will be whole, without MPS, singing and dancing and chattering once again.

I would love it if you’d leave Taylor a birthday wish in the comments today. Have a wonderful day and be thankful for the gift of today.





  1. Sarah Davis says

    Today is your special day ….just for you! I am so happy you are turning 16 today!! That is definately something to smile about. I pray for you and your Mommy and I hope this day
    is full of fun and happy things for you. I love you Taylor. ~Happy 16th Birthday!~

  2. Amanda Fraser says

    Happy birthday Taylor! I miss you, from your ticklish legs down to our stubborn standoffs of fighting over a piece of paper (you wanting to rip it to shreds, me wanting to save it). We spent many hours together, most of them easy, a few of them hard, and I cherish everyone of them! I hope you have a great day!

  3. Lori Schweitzer says

    Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Taylor!! I hope you have a fun-filled day with your precious familly! :-)

  4. Cheryl Hackett says

    Happy Amazing Birthday Taylor! You are beautiful beyond words, beautiful in so very many ways! Hope you and your family have a glorious day!

  5. Darla Wood says

    Good Morning Taylor,
    As you celebrate your 16th birthday, please know sweet girl, that you are a beautiful young lady & a blessing to all who know you. Have a bless and beautiful sweet girl!!

    Love & Prayers,
    Darla Wood

  6. Tara says

    Happy Sweet 16, Taylor! Your life has been such a testimony of God’s graciousness and love. Hope you have a wonderful day and feel all of the love everyone has for you!

  7. Ashley Dyer says

    Today truly is a special day that God gave our family another year with you. May your day be filled with things as sweet as you. We all love you! Happy 16th Birthday!

  8. Amy sand says

    Happy sweet 16! What a wonderful young lady you are and a great blessing to your family! Enjoy yor special day.

  9. Stefani Scarlett-Harris says

    Happy, happy sweet 16th birthday, Taylor! Many blessings and much love from Kevin, Stefani & Scarlett Harris!

  10. Jenifer says

    Wishing Taylor a very Happy 16th Birthday! The Lord has blessed all of us by simply knowing you.
    In Christ’s Love,
    the Haney Family

  11. Alisha says

    Happy 16th Birthday, Taylor! What a SWEET birthday this is for you and your family. I love getting to see you at church on Sundays and know that God is surrounding you with his love and wholeness. :)

  12. Jess says

    Happy Birthday, sweet Taylor! You are such a blessing to many and are a living testimony of God’s graciousness and timing! We love you and hope you enjoy every second of your big day!

  13. Andrea From Alaska says

    Happy birthday, Taylor! You don’t know me at all but I read your story and was touched by it. My heart is swollen in happiness for you and your family. What a beautiful person you are.

  14. Mary Beth says

    Happy Birthday Taylor. I love that I get to see you often. You are a precious gift and I know when I look in your eyes that you can feel the love of many people that care for you!

    Enjoy your BEST birthday yet!

    Auntie Mary

  15. Jean Thomas says

    Happy 16th birthday, Taylor! It is obvious that your family loves you so much and they adore you. Praying that this is a good year for you!

  16. Caity says

    Happy 16th birthday, Taylor! I don’t have the privilege to know you personally, but I know your aunt MaryBeth and I know your story. You are a blessing…even to people who’ve never gotten to meet you! Have a beautiful and special day.

  17. Melinda T says

    Happy birthday sweet Taylor! Sending hugs, love and a prayer your way for a blessed and wonderful 16th year!

  18. Shelley says

    Happy Sweet Sixteen Taylor! May God bless you and your family as you celebrate this special milestone!

  19. says

    Happy birthday, Taylor! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, and may you continue to grow in Him each and every day. You are truly beautiful and blessed.