Saturday Surprise- Whats in the Bible Sale

Hey Friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday this week if you’re in the US.

I’m honored to be affiliated with some incredible companies as a result of blogging. Last Saturday I was happy to pass on the awesome Dayspring sale to you, with regular items at 30% off with the code and a few super deals that are incredible at up to 70% off.

Be sure to hop over there and check out how to get more Scripture in your life for less money!

On Friday, I was thrilled to discover the What’s In the Bible? sale through Monday, Dec. 2, 2013!

If you’ve never heard of What’s in the Bible?, the company is owned by Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales. What’s in the Bible? is my kids’ favorite DVD series for learning more about the Bible. The Christmas DVD is simply incredible- completely fun and educational! I think my husband and I may have learned a thing or two from this DVD!

I thought you might enjoy seeing a short sample from one of the videos:

I just wanted to pass on the coupon for this awesome deal because our family loves What’s in the Bible? so much, so here ya go:

Just click on the coupon and enter the code at checkout.

This incredible DVD set not only is designed for home-viewing, but also is designed to be used a church curriculum. How cool is that? You can use the coupon on the church curriculum as well.

Also, What’s in the Bible? has awesome coloring pages to accompany the curriculum. Click HERE or on the sample graphic below to view and download the page

whats in the bible coloring pages

Have a great weekend, Friends!


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Big Questions About God and Whimsical Wednesday Linkup

bible reading challenge day 170
How does God know everything?

How can God hear so many people praying at one time?

If God knew that Satan would decide to rebel, why did He make Satan in the first place?

Children are great at asking questions, aren’t they? And some BIG questions at that. I remember one occasion when our children asked

“Why did God make Taylor (their sister) with a booboo in her brain?”

Now there’s a big question you can’t answer in a few trite sentences. 

how god works

Today I’m so thrilled to present to you a new resource from my awesome friends at What’s In The Bible? – Clive and Ian’s Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge – Volume 2. This DVD covers 7 big questions about God, including:

– Does God know what will happen in my future?
– Does God tell the truth?
– How do we show respect to God through prayer?
– How do we show respect to God through praise?
– How do we show respect to God by listening?
– How do we show respect to God with our words?
– How do we show respect to God through our actions?

I hope you’ll check out their incredible resources- our family LOVES What’s In The Bible? so much.

Thanks for linking up to Whimsical Wednesday, Bloggers! Feel free to rightclick and “save as” to use the graphic for our link-up party!


What big questions have your children about God? I know you have a whopper! Share it with us?







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What’s in the Bible Vol 11

bible reading challenge day 127

Today I’m excited to let you know about a wonderful new resource, What’s in the Bible Vol 11, Spreading the Good News!

whats in the bible review

If you are not familiar with What’s in the Bible?, then I should have videoed my children when this DVD arrived at our house. The excitement level was close to the first day when the pool opens, if you catch my drift. ;) To be honest, I’m just as excited or more so than they are- because I know they are going to be learning more of God’s Word! We typically have a What’s in the Bible? marathon when we travel in the summer, so I’m excited to see the DVD’s expand once more.

What’s in the Bible? has some super resources I get to share with you today. Dads, perk your ears up, here’s  a wonderful, EASY printable that both kids and mom will love. Just click on the graphic or HERE to download this fun gift for Mother’s Day. (Pssst…it’s THIS Sunday. ;0) )

There is also a great list of “Ways to Make Time for Mom.”

And a VERY groovy new coupon to purchase Vol. 10, Vol. 11 and the Jesus Journal at 20% off. Just click on the coupon to order!

One more thing: my fab friends at The Better Mom have a brand NEW beautiful ebook called Rhythms, all about family traditions. We are giving that book away to subscribers- so I hope you’ll head over there today!
So don’t delay- take advantage of these fantastic resources while you can and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Have you seen What’s in the Bible? DVD’s? Which one is your favorite?