The New Normal

Writing for RooMag today!  At Candace Cameron Bure’s online magazine, I discuss a fresh perspective on a much-needed attribute in our society today  Here’s a teaser for you:

All different types of explanations exist in modern America when it comes to “special needs.”  The myriad of diagnoses, both medical and psychological, are becoming more everyday terms.  Handicapped parking places and wheelchair accessibility are now part of architectural standards.  Educational systems are more sophisticated than ever with premier planning and motivation.   Not that we have zero problems, but we’ve made serious strides in medical care and individualized education in today’s society in comparison to decades ago.

Fellow special needs parents smile and nod in acknowledgement of the additional blessing in their lives.  To little ones, we might say “She has a booboo in her brain, Honey. It’s ok- just say ‘Hi!’”

Yet one thing remains the same- a small label we embrace entitled “normal.”


A Parenting Dream

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For many mothers, a dream ignites at the first moment of acknowledgment that a tiny little human being is growing inside the womb. After nine months of nurturing, the dream of holding a precious baby in your arms, healthy, happy, and secure, is about to come true!  The excitement is unbearable. The anticipation is fierce.  In the background of the dream, a voice proclaims: