Daily Bible Reading Plan



I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day! You may notice the Bible Reading Challenge lists Zach 13 on both yesterday and today. The M’Cheyne Reading plan in the Olive Bible Tree App listed Zach 13:1 as part of the reading yesterday and I misread it for the entire chapter. I decided today’s graphic would stay true to the plan for the remaining of the chapter. We’re almost there!!

daily Bible reading plans

Today I am providing links for the Daily Bible Reading Plan we will use in the 2014 Bible Reading Challenge. I’ve almost completed the details for the 2014 Challenge, but for today we’re sharing multiple daily Bible Reading Plans options.

1. The printable M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan is up first. We will use this plan once more for the challenge and if a printable plan is your choice, you can download the pdf HERE.

2. The children’s printable daily Bible reading plan for the gospel of John is an awesome short term reading plan. This plan is a 6 week daily Bible reading plan designed originally for children but anyone can use it! Download HERE.

3. The children’s printable daily Bible reading plan for the gospel of Matthew is HERE.

4. Bible Gateway has several Bible reading plan options for receiving via daily email right HERE.

5. Bible Gateway also has several Bible reading plans available in the app which you can download HERE.

6. My personal daily Bible Reading plan is within the Olive Tree Bible Study App. Various options are available via the app. The printable Bible reading plans mentioned in points 1 and 2 above are available within this app for simple tracking and check off.

Do you have a favorite Bible reading plan or method you love? Could you share it with us in the comments?


Be sure to check out the printables page for the ALL printable Bible reading plans!



Bible Reading Challenge Day 355


Hey there! Today is Bible Reading Challenge Day 355 and the first full day of our new digs. WOW! Hope you’ll pop in and take a peek, though there are a few finishing touches to work on. Thanks so much to Design by Insight for their incredible work for and with me!