A Call to Prayer

call to prayer

I believe in prayer; you’ve probably noticed that here if you’ve been around much. God has a purpose in prayer and things happen when people pray. I’ve been a witness to that time and time again in my own life, as well as the lives of others.

Last week , I sent out a message to my friend, Stacy, who just moved away recently. For the last few years, she’s been a faithful prayer friend to me, coming to prayer meetings  at my house and attending local Bible studies at my church. We’ve prayed many prayers for each other and frankly, I just found myself missing her greatly. Now I know she is only a text or facetime or skype away. But missing her prompted more thoughts on the importance of prayer.

Then I saw my friend, Darlene’s, blog post about how her book will be releasing to the world and she finds herself in need of prayer. Oh, I sure am praying for her. It’s a scary feeling to pour your heart and soul into writing a book and takes total reliance on God.

Then today I saw the If:Pray Information and I’m praying about how I might be involved in that endeavor.

With all those indicators, I’m making a call to prayer here on the blog. I want to take some time to really pray and seek God’s face. I just need to. For myself. For this book I’m writing. For the writing deadlines I’m facing. For God to have his total will and way in my life. For his direction and purpose to be completely clear. For my husband. For my kids. For some needs we have as a family.

And I want to pray for you. Your needs. Your direction. Your spouse. Your children. Whatever it is that you feel like asking prayer for, I want to pray.

Call it an online prayer meeting if you wish, but I’d love to see your prayers or prayer requests or both in the comments.

Would you pray with me today?


prayer changes me

Bloggers, it’s still Whimsical Wednesday and I’d love to have you both link up to the party and leave a prayer request or prayer as you feel led!

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5 Back to School Prayers

Today I’m sharing a roundup of back to school prayers. If there is one thing I find myself doing more of during this back to school time of year, it is praying for my kids. And our family.  And myself. And their teachers. And the bus drivers….and…and…and. :) I know you get it.


back to school prayers

So here we go:


1. A Prayer for Back to School

I wrote this prayer last year and it has been well-loved on Pinterest. You are welcome to print out the graphic or share the graphic on your blog or Facebook page.



school day prayers

2. School Day Prayers

My awesome friends at Tommy Nelson are offering this fabulous printable of School Day Prayers with Bible verses to pray over your children. Love this!

3. Back to School Prayer Tool

The Back to School Prayer Tool really could be used any time of the year. The tool takes the 8 colors of a standard coloring box and uses them as reminders of prayer needs.

4. 31 Days of Prayer for your Children

I really loved this free printable prayer calendar I found on Carrie Austin’s site. An entire month guide of praying for your child! This would be so easy to slip into your phone reminders and you could even continue the pattern of prayer each month.


5. Prayer by Color Bookmark

After the Back to School prayer tool was well-received, I created this prayer bookmark last year for using as a reminder of how to pray using this method. If you click here, you’ll find a .pdf of 6 bookmarks to print and share with your prayer group, mom’s group, etc.



I’d love it if you would share your prayer ideas for this back to school season. If you’ve written a post on your blog for this topic, feel free to leave your link so we can all take a peek!

See you tomorrow!


A Prayer of Thanks for My Church

Recently as I worked on writing my book scheduled to be released in September 2015, I was reflecting on the influence that church has played in my life. No, it hasn’t all been perfect. As my pastor reminded us on Sunday, the church is not really the building; the church is people. And we all know people are imperfect. How in the world is the church ever going to be perfect then? Only in Heaven. But I’m so thankful for the churches I’ve been blessed to be a part of during my lifetime so far. From tiny one hundred member rosters to the 4,000 people attending each weekend at Cypress Church, God has used his people to keep me close to him and grow in my faith. I’m incredibly thankful for that. So today I’m scribbling a prayer of thanks for my church. Maybe you can share it with your church family too.

Dear Father,
Today I thank you for my church.
While some might think of doors and windows,
I’m praising you for spirits and hearts.
The people whose lives you’ve intersected
Are remarkable through your grace.
I can’t praise you enough for the unique way
You’ve blended the talents of individuals
Into beautiful masterpieces of joy.
May we love one another to the fullest
And be evidence of your ultimate love
To advance the work of your kingdom.

a prayer of thanks for my church

new whimsical wed

Bloggers, our Whimsical Wednesday linkup is being posted a bit late and I apologize for that. I’m headed to Dallas today for the Logos Women’s Ministry Summit and I just got a bit behind on all that needed to be done. I’ll be looking at your posts on my layover this afternoon; so be sure to link up and share all the encouragement you have for us this Whimsical Wednesday!