A Prayer for When I Am Stressed

A Prayer for when I am stressed

Dear Father,
The wind of the world is blowing strong
And the whirling stress it ushers in
overwhelms me.
Whether coming up short
in dollars and cents
Or falling short of being good enough,
The swirl of the burden presses my soul.
In spite of heightened senses,
I have lost the sense I need the most-
The sense of your presence.
Will you help me remember
that you are here?
Will you help me relax and rest in your love?
May the tension release
and melt into peace
That only you can provide.

prayer for when I am stressed

A Prayer for When I Feel Angry

I’m sure that none of you ever get angry.

And neither do I. ha.

So why write a prayer for when I feel angry?

Because if we’re honest, all of us experience feelings of anger. Some of us use words intended only for the dictionary. Some of us throw things. I’ve been known to say nothing. Until I’ve cooled off, which can sometimes be, well, anything from a few hours to a few days. Just being honest. There have been times!

Maybe you let it all out and then it’s over. Maybe you have a right to be angry about a situation. I’ve often pondered Ephesians 4:6:

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,

Because I’ve never heard anyone read the verse after it at the same time. And I think that verse really explains why we can’t get angry and hold grudges.

and give no opportunity to the devil. Ephesians 4:7

Regardless of how the feeling is processed, I’ve found that prayer is THE BEST way to combat anger.

Whether the situation simply must be given over to the Lord or a person needs to be lifted up to the Lord, prayer is critical to combating feelings of anger.

My prayer for this prayer is that those who read it will feel the love of God surround them and the anger will dissipate.

A Prayer for When I Feel Angry

Dear Father,

When I look up to you in this moment,
I feel like I can only see stars.
My angry heart is frustrated
And I can’t understand the situation.
In a world where things are messy and hurtful,
Today’s circumstance just makes me angry
And I find myself asking “Why?”
Help me, Lord. I need you.
I need the reminder that I am not the one in control,
And although others may seem out of control,
You are always in control.
I need the reminder
That while my heart is fighting a battle,
Though others may intend to do evil,
You make everything good.
May your glorious grace flood my heart
To wash away the madness.
May your redeeming love replace my anger,
Flowing through me as a light on a hill,
Shining brightly for you.Again.

a prayer for when i feel angry

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A Prayer of Love Over My Child

A Prayer of Love Over My Child

Dear Father,
As a parent,
You are the perfect example
Of love and how it gives.
You gave your one and only son
Because you love the world.
The depth of your love cannot be measured.
The largeness of it cannot be sized.
Will you help the one you’ve gifted to me
to know the gift of your love?
Will you help this child of mine
know just how much love he is loved?
May each opportunity to share your love
Be embraced to the fullest possibility.

prayer of love over my child

Today I’m writing for the MOB Society during their 21 days of praying for our sons series. I’d love it if you’d pay them a visit to read more on praying love over our children.


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