15 Ideas on Ways to Pray for Your Husband


ideas on ways to pray

This weekend I was thinking heavily on ways to pray for my husband. Due to some changes at work, he has been working long hours and though he is strong, I know that intervening to God on his behalf will provide strength from above. Though I have a phone reminder set to pray for him each day and I also pray for him every morning and night, I really wanted to focus on praying for him for the next two weeks. So I did a little research and today I wanted to share with you 15 Ideas on ways to pray for your husband that I really love.

1. Revive Our Hearts ministry from Nancy DeMoss has a 31 days of praying for your husband idea list.

2. Wendy Blight at Proverbs 31 ministries offers 6 Scriptural prayers for your husband.

3. Renee Swope has a wonderful printable that I love on praying for your husband from head to toe.

4. IMom has a great printable bookmark on 10 Ways to Pray for Your Husband.

5. Last year I wrote a post on 7 Ways to Pray for Your Husband for 7 Days.

6. My friend and fellow Tommy Nelson mommy has an awesome prayer idea that gives a hint for each hour of the day and a printable that would be great for the fridge. Or you could use her idea and place phone reminders in your phone.

7. I contribute at The Better Mom and we have a beautiful set of printable prayer cards for organizing prayer time, especially for your husband.

8. Kathi Lipp has written a book completely dedicated to praying God’s Word for your husband. She offers a free printable¬†bookmark with six verses to pray for your husband.

9. My friend, Darlene, at Time Warp Wife, offers a free printable pack of prayers cards with 31 ways to pray for our husbands. 

10. Darlene has written a post on 5 Hard Things to pray for your husband and it is really on point. I know you’ll want to check it out also.

11. Women Living Well offers a short practical list to help us remember to pray for our husbands.

12. Unveiled Wife has written a post with 25 verses to pray over your husband.

13. Jen at Unveiled Wife also offers a wonderful reminder to pray for your husband daily- a prayer of the day email list to which you can subscribe.

14. One of my favorite authors, Lysa Terkeurst, has written an encouraging post on 5 Scriptures to pray over your marriage.

15. My friend, Sheila Gregoire, has a great post on praying the right thing for your husband. Her quote is so thought-provoking!

Bonus: Be sure to check out a Prayer of Thanks for My Husband and for more encouragement, a well-loved printable on 20 things to say to encourage your husband.

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A Prayer for Expecting Moms

Last year while I was at the She Speaks Conference, the sweetest woman passed me in the hallway, did a doubletake and called back, “Hey, are you Rachel Wojo?” I took a few steps back and we had the most beautiful conversation.

“I stopped to thank you for praying for me in your Facebook page community during and after my miscarriage last year. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words….”

We chatted for a few minutes and then the sweet news came that my new friend,Hope, is expecting a baby! How fun to catch a glimpse of God’s work in her life!

So before Hope has her baby soon, today I wanted to share a prayer for expecting moms to pray for themselves. If you know a Hope who could use the reminder to pray for God’s grace and mercy, then this would be a beautiful prayer of blessing for her to pray.

A Prayer for Expecting Moms

Dear Father,
Today I’m coming to you
Holding the sacredness of life
Within my body.
You have knitted together a soul in human form;
And You have given me the privilege
Of caring for this soul.
What an honor to be called “Mommy.”
What a joy to be called Yours.
To hold a heart is a treasure;
To have a baby is a blessing.
And now I ask for your wisdom
For the journey ahead.
May the labor of love open the door of opportunity
To sculpt a spirit for a lifetime.
Thank you for the privilege, Jesus.

prayer for expecting moms

Special congratulations to Hope and continued prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby! Can’t wait to find out whether it’s a boy or girl!


A Prayer for When I Am Stressed

A Prayer for when I am stressed

Dear Father,
The wind of the world is blowing strong
And the whirling stress it ushers in
overwhelms me.
Whether coming up short
in dollars and cents
Or falling short of being good enough,
The swirl of the burden presses my soul.
In spite of heightened senses,
I have lost the sense I need the most-
The sense of your presence.
Will you help me remember
that you are here?
Will you help me relax and rest in your love?
May the tension release
and melt into peace
That only you can provide.

prayer for when I am stressed