A Prayer of Love Over My Child

A Prayer of Love Over My Child

Dear Father,
As a parent,
You are the perfect example
Of love and how it gives.
You gave your one and only son
Because you love the world.
The depth of your love cannot be measured.
The largeness of it cannot be sized.
Will you help the one you’ve gifted to me
to know the gift of your love?
Will you help this child of mine
know just how much love he is loved?
May each opportunity to share your love
Be embraced to the fullest possibility.

prayer of love over my child

Today I’m writing for the MOB Society during their 21 days of praying for our sons series. I’d love it if you’d pay them a visit to read more on praying love over our children.


Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Bedtime Prayers and Using A Bedtime Routine Checklist & GIVEAWAY

bedtime prayers

With school beginning next week, honestly I’m a little panicked at the thought of the new routine beginning. Our family’s summer seems to have passed so quickly and with the beginning of school we need not only a solid morning routine, but also a strong bedtime routine.

My husband and I established the habit of bedtime prayers with each of our children as infants and I’m so grateful that we did that. My mom prayed with me as a child each night for many years, probably until I was about 10 years old. Because of her training, I’ve always thought of prayer as the core element to bedtime routine. I may have told you before, but my kids even want Mommy and Daddy to pray over the phone with them at night when we are away.

The Ch@T prayer model is easy for me to remember since I’ve been using it for awhile and lately I’ve been modeling this prayer with my children at bedtime. I don’t ask each question associated with the model, but I do fill in the question with a statement. So it might go something like this:

Dear God, We are so thankful for who you are, the Creator of all the world. We are sorry for (fill in the blank with any issues from the day) and ask for your forgivness. Thank you for (fill in the blank with blessings from the day) Tonight we are asking for (requests for others and personal requests). We praise you for all you are doing in our lives. Thank you for (child’s name) and help (him/her) to know how much I love (him/her) and how much you love (him/her.) Amen.

While we haven’t strayed from our bedtime prayer routine, this summer we have definitely strayed from our bedtime routine otherwise. Honestly, a few times, a day at the pool was considered a bath or shower substitute. (Did I just admit that?)

In this post on bedtime tips, I mention that having a typical order of events gives children the opportunity to know what to expect and feel secure. Our bedtime schedule (before this wild and crazy summer!) has been bath, pajamas, hair, short playtime, snack, teeth, and books. However, with my hubby’s recent  job change, he is getting home later from work. I think our “short playtime” is going to be eliminated from the middle of the order of events. Since my youngest two need to adjust from summer and to the new routine, I decided to make a bedtime routine checklist. I used blank lines on the checklist so you can fill in the order of your family’s bedtime routine.  Click HERE or on the graphic below to open the free .PDF.

bedtime routine checklist

In addition to the bedtime routine checklist, Tommy Nelson has the sweetest book to help you establish a bedtime prayer routine! This little book called A Night Night Prayer features the cutest little snuggly alpaca who is learning how to quiet his voice, whisper good night to the world, and give thanks for all God has provided. The artwork in this book is adorable and I thought you’d like to see a preview:

The bedtime bestselling favorite is sure to help your little ones enjoy getting tucked into bed and I’m excited to be giving away one copy of this sweet book! Just follow the Rafflecopter and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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Disclosure: Product provided by Publisher; all opinions are my own.

20 Things to Say to Encourage A Sibling

things to say to beat sibling rivalry

Ahhh, there’s nothing like the sweet life of summer. Quiet afternoons, sipping lemonade with my feet propped up…

Not exactly. But one can dream a bit, right?

Seriously though, I am enjoying summer and it’s flying by. I love summer so much that I’m digging my feet into the ground in effort to make it slow down a bit. However, there is one thing that has wearied me this summer. Maybe you’ve heard of it?


Sorry, was that a shout?!

I had to yell so you could hear me over the “Mo-om, he’s doing it again.” “She started it.” Ahem.

Perhaps I exaggerate. Just a tad. But wow, do we ever need to work on words that are flying from one sibling to another! For our family’s house rules, the first one is “Be kind.” So I frequently say to my children, “If you will follow the first rule, then you won’t have to even think of most of the others.”

Today I’m sharing the list of phrases that would be great for brothers and sisters to share with one another. If you’re like us and need a sibling rivalry break, then feel free to use this list of 20 things to say to encourage your sibling.

“But this will only give them something more to argue over.”

Perhaps we’ll make it a competition. Maybe the reward is surprise treats from Mom when she overhears SINCERE praise from one sibling to another. Just an idea. Would love to hear yours!

1. Thanks for helping me.

2. You can do it.

3. Good job!

4. Way to go!

5. That was cool.

6. I’m glad I got to see you accomplish that.

7.  Let’s try again.

8. I’m sorry.

9. No problem.

10. It’s okay.

11. Yes, you did it! I knew you could.

12. May I help you?

13. Wow- that was creative!

14. I’d love to.

15. You did awesome!

16. Sure, let’s go.

17. I appreciate what you did.

18.Want to play _________ together?

19. Let’s do it!

20. I’m thankful for you.

Having encouraging words to use IN PLACE of the words so often used between siblings can be transforming if we take the time to work on it. So I’m off to do that. And a few dozen other things.

HUGE thanks to our reader, Faith, for the awesome suggestion of this list!!

Have a fabulous Friday!