Teaching Children to Trust God in All Things

teaching children to trust god

Teaching children to trust God in all things is not always easy. When life is tough, children aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions. Questions like:

  • Who made God?
  • Why do we have to breathe?
  • Where do babies come from?

You knew that last question was coming, right? But seriously, I love that my mom taught me a very young age to trust God in all things. Here are 5 ideas for teaching children to trust God in all things:

1. Teach children that God created everything.

When your child makes their own artwork, whether at home, school, or church, talk to them about how they created their art. Explain the creator of the art owns and loves the art. Using their own artwork as an example could help them to understand that just as they love their coloring creation, God loves His creation. He takes care of the whole world and He can be trusted to care for His creation.

2. Teach children what the Bible says about trusting God.

Here is a list of 15 Bible Verses for Trusting God in Tough Times. Take one at a time and talk through them. Remind them that God’s Word is always true and never changes.

3. Remind children of the answers to your family’s prayers.

One of my favorite answers to prayer in our family is when one of my daughters prayed for a baby sister. She prayed faithfully for a sister for many months and I love how God answered her prayer in such a beautiful way. If you’d like to read the entire story, you can find it in my book, The Sensational Scent of Prayer.

4. Teach children that God is bigger than our scope of understanding.

When I personally need the reminder that God’s plan is bigger than mine, I read the book of Job, especially chapter 38. To help children understand this concept, take a trip to the planetarium or use a stargazing app on the smartphone or tablet in the backyard at night.

5. Check out this awesome DVD resource from Hermie & Friends, I Will Trust God.

i will trust god

This wonderful DVD beautifully teaches children to trust God with the good and the bad. With two stories from the garden, Max Lucado provides the narration and Tim Conway provides the fun. What a wonderful way for children ages 4-7 to enjoy the lesson of learning to trust God!

If you’d like to order this 2 DVD set, you can do so here.

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Family Bedtime Tips from a Mom of 7 and Bedtime Book Giveaway

bedtime routineHaving a bedtime routine is great way to wind down the day. As mom to 6 kiddos still at home, having a routine for our family is especially important due to the span of ages. From age 17 with special needs down to age 2, each child has their own individualized routine to some degree. Today I wanted to give you the best family bedtime tips I’ve learned from my parenting years. When children know what to expect, they feel secure and empowered.

1. Be consistent on the time to be in bed.

While flexibility is a great asset for any family, being consistent is the best way to establish healthy sleep habits. We try to have the same time range each night that we go through the routines. During the school year, we vary 15 minutes or so either way if needed.

2. Use a checklist for visual assistance.

If you have a child who loves to check off lists, then having a checklist can be just the thing to keep them focused. Using a checklist is also great if you are decide to introduce a new element to the routine or you just simply want to begin establishing a routine for the first time. We don’t have a checklist, but we have a usual order of to-do items.

3. Have a typical order of events.

Wow- that sounds a little formal, huh? Our routine is bath, pajamas, hair, short playtime, snack, teeth, and books. I know for some this may seem rigid, but my children have always been able to follow the routine, even in my absence. They also go to sleep somewhat easily when staying somewhere other than home because we follow the typical order of events, even if we’re staying up later or have some other exception to our environment.

4. Know what comforts your child and provide it.

Use whatever lights, music, or blankets that your child enjoys and loves. We do our best to take the lullaby CD with us on overnight trips. The younger kids have certain stuffed animals, etc. that they love to sleep with and we try to make room for at least one or two comfort items for travelling.

5. Enjoy this time together.

The times I’ve had to rush at bedtime because I waited too late to begin or we had some other exception caused regret later. Some days are too full to take 20 minutes to read at night. But we do whatever we can. Some nights this winter, we started earlier and this gave everyone time to read or look at books alone in bed for a few extra minutes before lights out.

When my children were younger, I often couldn’t wait for them to go to bed because I was simply one.tired.mama. But I’ve found that the older I get, the more I want to soak up this time- since I realize how quickly it will pass. There are many different ways to enjoy bedtime routines as a family, but the tips above are just a few of my favorites, especially number 5.

precious moments giveaway

Speaking of enjoying the time, BOOKS! Yes, books are such a staple in our nighttime routines, especially in winter. Today I wanted to share this adorable Precious Moments Little Book of Bedtime. Perfect for snuggling with ages 1-4, the nostalgic characters win over both children and parents. This particular book holds both traditional and original poems and prayers, as well as Scriptures. I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek:

And I thought you might enjoy a couple coloring pages for artwork earlier in the evening before reading this book or the following morning after reading it. Click HERE or on the graphic below to enjoy 5 Precious Moments coloring pages from Tommy Nelson.

precious moments

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Have a great day!


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20 Things to Say to Encourage Your Children

encourage child

Week before last I wrote a list of 20 things to say to encourage my husband. 7 Ways to Praise Your Husband for 7 Days and 7 Ways to Praise Your Children for 7 Days have been two well-loved articles here on the blog. The power of praise and encouragement is monumental. I believe many women really want to praise our husbands or children, but we need a purposeful, practical plan to follow through.

Even today, I struggled with remembering to praise my children more than I correct them. So my personal exercise tonight was to write out this list of 20 things to say to encourage your children. Maybe you’ll want to write out your own. But if not, you are more than welcome to print this list out and post it to your fridge as a reminder that children need to be praised.Be sure to check out the links above for more information on the importance of encouraging your children. For now, I’m following through on my parenting exercise.

1. Great job! Thank you for doing that.

2. Way to go. I’m proud of you!

3. That was so kind of you!

4. Fantastic- thanks for obeying the first time.

5. Wow- you really rocked it!

6. You know what? You are a great kid!

7. I appreciate what you did.

8. I’m praying for you.

9. Look at what you’ve accomplished!

10. What a great decision you made!

11. Thanks for doing that before I could even ask.

12. I’d love to hear about it.

13. You figured it out- that’s awesome!

14. One step at a time- you’re doing it!

15. Fabulous job- you were really listening.

16. I know that was a new thing for you- excellent try!

17. I love your creativity!

18. Thank you for sharing.

19. Keep going- you can do it!

20. I love you.

And there you have it! Do you have a word treasure you’ve found that works wonders with your child? I’d love it if you’d share it with us!

See you tomorrow!