God Is Bigger

Update: 11/2/12 9:00 pm:

Through the wonderful outreach of Samaritan’s Purse (along with a few tweets, facebook messages, and phone calls), the Begs are sleeping warmly in their own home tonight!! GO God!!!

AND through one of the incredible blog readers of this blog, by tomorrow 30 gallons of gas will be delivered to them, allowing them to keep a warm home, cook on a stove, and have light when needed, hopefully until the electricity is back on.

Update: 11/2/12 Noon:

This is the most recent message from this family that needs urgent prayer in New York:

People standing in cold since 5am. So gas is truly valuable here. I was able to get online late last night but now I can’t. Guess more people using the net at day time. Next street from us, wires are all over laying on the ground and doesn’t seems it will be fix any time soon. It freezing here now. Ran out candles but stores open don’t have any left either. Its a disaster. Stores only taking cash for food items but no cash available at ATM machines. Keeping children warm is really hard.

11/1/12 Special Prayer Request:

Friends, one of the dear families we are associated with through Taylor’s disease,MPS, has been severely affected by the storm. The Begs need prayer for their family desperately. They have three girls with MPS- my Taylor’s disease. Not one, 3! The girls are severely affected by MPS, requiring oxygen, and such. They live in one of the worst areas hit by the storm and have been without power, etc. for several days. Staying warm is critical for families who have children with MPS. Truly this is a terrible situation- I need your help praying for this precious family!!

Lord, I pray for your awesome power to come down for this family today.  You created the storm and you can calm the aftereffects  with a single word.  I pray for the precious Beg girls and their family today. I pray that the girls would be able to maintain body temperature and their oxygen supply would sustain them.  I pray that the oxygen refills would arrive timely.  I pray that the electricity issues would resolve quickly and You would sustain them as only you can.

Will you continue to pray for this dear family with me today?