Meet Someone New

I have some incredibly awesome friends and Sheila Gregoire is one of them.

As an author and speaker, Sheila covers the topics of family life, homemaking, parenting, marriage and sex. Her latest book of the five she has written is “The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex” and Sheila and I are both contributors to Candace Cameron Bure’s ezine, RooMag.

How privileged I am that Sheila reviewed my ebook, The Sensational Scent of Prayer, on her beautiful and fun blog, To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, yesterday.  Go check out Sheila’s fab site and read what she has to see about how God used poison ivy for the good.  While you are there, check out her awesome resources and links; she is a wellspring of information for speaking and writing, as well as the marriage and parenting topics she so fully covers!

His Grace- More Than Enough

Don’t be stingy with love or grace; act like you’re made of the stuff.- Bob Goff

The last few days have brought many notes, quotes, and overall reminders of God’s grace in my life. Each time I receive a reminder of His everlasting grace, I have to think more about how much I’m extending that same…


My husband’s Valentine’s card to me, which proclaimed gracious words, including:

You are truly my gift from God.

A comment from a well-loved author:

Yes — to keep praying His Word, seeking His presence — we can only love as He loves through us.

And then there is this:

Isn’t this artwork just gorgeous?

the colors…

the butterfly… representative to me of how God’s grace takes a scrawny caterpillar like me and gives me wings to fly in His forgiving freedom.

the verse! II Cor. 12:9- Perfect timing from the Lord to me!

If you’ve never been to Rachel Anne Ridge’s blog, Home Sanctuary…NOW is the time.

In a feeble attempt to thank her…won’t you stop by and read what she has written about


In the mean time, thank you- for the grace you extend to me.