6 Beautiful Wedding Gift Ideas for Christian Couples

wedding gift ideas

The summer brings beautiful flowers, fresh breezes, and…. weddings! Weddings are a wonderful time to bless a new couple with long-lasting memories AND a few treasures. I think it is an extra touch to provide gifts that speak love and commitment into the lives of those receiving them. Today I wanted to share 6 cool wedding gift ideas for Christian couples.

I’ll start with one of my very favorites!

1.The Mr. and Mrs. Collection at Dayspring.

You know I love my coffee and there is just something super sweet about drinking coffee with my man when we use our Mr. and Mrs. mugs. Maybe because we don’t get to use them together except about once a week or so. Regardless, these mugs are one of my favorites to give as a wedding gift. You can tuck in a pound of gourmet coffee OR purchase the larger gift set, which is 20% off as of this writing. Find it here.

 2. Wise Decor Wall Decals

Did you see the new wall decal from Wise Decor that my hubby put up for our anniversary?



Wise Decor has an incredible selection of romantic and wedding sayings. Or if you don’t feel confident of the taste in selection, perhaps you could inquire as to the couple’s favorite verses and go with a decal for the living room or hallway. I love that Wise Decor decals remove easily without destroying paint, which makes them a great decorative option for even apartments or condos.

3. Love Your Husband/Wife tees

Give your newly-married friends the opportunity to wear their love proudly with these cute tees:

ThisWear is serviced by Amazon and they have many styles and colors to choose from on these super cute “I love…” tees. You can click on the graphics or HERE to check them out.

Also, my friend, Jennifer, from Unveiled Wife, has some really cute “I love…” shirts available to order. They look like this:
i love husband pink 1Check hers out here in the right sidebar.

4.FamilyLife Marriage Bible

FamilyLife Marriage Bible

from: DaySpring Cards Inc

If I could only choose one book for a newly-married couple, it is this one, the FamilyLife Marriage Bible. With a gorgeous cover, this Bible is the ideal tool for couples to begin their marriage. With articles and insights by Dennis and Barbara Rainey, The FamilyLife Marriage Bible covers many of the issues facing husbands and wives: resolving conflict, communicating effectively, raising Godly children, rekindling romance together, loving difficult family members well, and more. My favorite feature is the 30 Days with Jesus Bible Reading Plan. What a great way to start a marriage- by reading the Bible together!

And if I could only suggest one more book for a newly-married couple, it would be this book, Love and Respect.

5. Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs


This book would be a wonderful gift to pair with the shirts or with a gift card to the couple’s favorite store.

6. Mr. and Mrs. Marital Advice Wooden Wall Plaque

There’s nothing like a visual reminder to love one another and this wall plaque is super cute.

Alright, which one is your favorite? It’s hard to choose just one, isn’t it? But I’d love to know which is your favorite and why if you’ll leave it in the comments today and in the mean time, have a terrific Tuesday!



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20 Simple Things to Do to Encourage Your Husband

encourage your husband

This past weekend was my husband’s 50th birthday backyard celebration! (This photo is NOT from the party. ;)) We don’t usually invite a ton of folks over for parties, because, well, our family alone is a party. But I really wanted my husband to feel the love, so we had a busy couple of weeks, an especially busy weekend, and I think my husband knows he is one great husband, dad, and dude. Most of the time, though, we keep things simple in showing our appreciation for one another.

Words are powerful and can be used to build people in an incredible way. If you’ve read or pinned some of the posts I’ve written, like

then you know that words are important to me. All these posts are purposeful about using the power of encouraging words.

However, there’s another piece to the puzzle.

I can use all the words in the world, but if I don’t do anything to support those words, then they are empty and meaningless. With all the needs of my tribe, my husband is easily glanced over as capable and independent, but I don’t want him to feel unloved!

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. I John 3:18

So today I’ve created this list of 20 simple things to do to encourage my husband and well, if you want, you can use this list of things to do to encourage your husband too! I’m not preaching that you have to do all these things every day of the week. God knows my poor husband does all of his own ironing and never complains, though he is shocked when I manage to be ready early enough to press a shirt for him. Just telling the truth.  But I wanted to write down my own ideas and maybe this post will spark creative conversation with you and you will share how you encourage your husband.

1. Alright, so number one is obvious. 

He’s a man; you’re a woman. You’re married. You get it.

2. Be kind.

I know, rocket science, right? It’s the first item on our house rules and as I say to my kids, “If you follow the first rule, you won’t have to worry much about the others.”

3. Listen to him.

4. Take care of a nagging issue without being asked.

Does the oil in his car need changed? Does it need vacuumed?

5. Smile and kiss. Then kiss some more.

6. Text or leave a voice mail.

7. Pray for him.

I can’t say how important this is!! If you’d like a purposeful challenge to help you with this point, check out 7 ways to pray for your husband for 7 days.

8. Schedule and plan a date night.

Check out the Dating Divas Date Night in a Bag series- super easy!

9. Find a new activity  to enjoy together.

10. Cook his favorite meal or if short on time, his favorite dessert.

11. Give him a no-reason-I-just-love-you card.

12. Be affectionate.

13. Give grace.

” I give grace because I so desperately need it.”- Lysa TerKeurst

14.  Provide support for his dreams and pursuits.

15. Leave a note in his bathroom cabinet or under his pillow.

16. Have lunch at his work.

17. Take his favorite drink outside when he’s working.

18. Make a cup of coffee for him.

19. Give a back rub.

20. Surprise him with your creativity. 

Ok, now you’re armed and dangerous, so have a great day!


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20 Things to Say to Encourage Your Husband

encourage husband

This post is part of the Happy Wives Club Blog Tour which I am delighted to be a part of along with hundreds of inspiring bloggers. To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE!  

My husband is incredible- have I ever told you that? Truly, he is. And I just don’t tell him often enough how much I appreciate him. Oh, I try to remember to send a random “I love you” text a few times a week. And our kids are always telling us to stop making out in the kitchen because it’s gross. But face to face, heart to heart, I’ve recently been inspired to say words of encouragement to my husband more frequently. You’ll see why when you keep reading.

This list of 20 things to say to encourage your husband is a result of that inspiration. The statements aren’t goofy or silly. They aren’t designed to be flirty, though you could potentially turn them in that direction and I can guarantee he won’t complain. They are just straight forward, short sentences that let him know how often you notice you married a good guy.

1. Thank you for working so hard.

2. I love the way you took care of that.

3. You are such a great husband.

4. I really appreciate your faithfulness to our marriage.

5. Thanks for loving me so much.

6. You look hot. (ok, if you’re over 60, you might consider “handsome” instead… I don’t know, I’m not there yet.)

7. You did an incredible job!

8. I can’t wait to be home together.

9. Can we have a date night?

10. You handled that situation like a pro.

11. I’m praying for you especially today.

12. You did the right thing.

13. I love what you did with that.

14. Thanks for helping me; I needed it.

15. It’s ok- doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

16. That’s a great idea!

17. You can do it; that’s a perfect position for you.

18. I love to see God using you.

19. Thanks for making me laugh- I love that about you.

20. I love you.


About a year and a half ago,I met an incredibly encouraging woman, Fawn Weaver. While our paths crossed briefly, it was clear to me that she radiated joy and love. Turns out she’s the founder of the Happy Wives Club and last week her awesome book, Happy Wives Club, made the New York Times Bestseller list. There’s a reason for that…for that incredible spark I saw when I met her in person is well-translated into a beautiful story. Perhaps I should say “beautiful stories,” -the book is a tale of happy wives, from all over the world, who love their husbands and marriage. They say the book is like “Eat, Pray, Love meets The 5 Love Languages.” I say the book is wonderfully inspiring. You can grab a copy HERE.

I’m stopping at 20 with the things to say to encourage your hubby’s heart, but I’m guessing that you could really help me out by adding the words you use to encourage your husband’s heart!

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How do you encourage your hubby’s heart?