When Life’s A Blur

Sometimes life gets going a little too fast for me. Ever have that problem?

You just sit down to dinner…and someone spills milk.
Or the bathroom was just cleaned…then someone throws up.

Perhaps you think you are serving someone in the capacity they are requesting,
only to find out that they didn’t agree with your method of service.

Life gets blurry when we’re in too much of a hurry.

You wake up late and rush the kids off to school,
only to have someone call home due to a forgotten lunch.
Or homework.

Maybe, just maybe, you had good intentions on following through with an issue,
but your plate has been so full…
that the situation has worsened
before you’ve had the chance to work at it.

Could it be that you’ve experienced circumstances that are causing your thoughts to run together?

An unexpected illness.  A job loss. Car trouble.

Yep, I’m guessing you’ve been there too.  As the Allstate commercial asks,

“Life comes at you fast. Are you in good hands?”

I’ve been there. Many times. In fact, just this week. :)  Ok… today.

But there is one place I can recommend that will shift your perspective properly.

I stopped on a drive a couple weeks ago to take this photo.  The fog had me thinking about the way to see through it.

restoring my spiritual vision
Hope you’re turning to Him today. In spite of spilled milk, car trouble, and all that other hurry, blurry stuff, His Word is true.  We can turn to it for clarity.

Got a verse you’d like to share with us that brings clarity for you?  We’d love to read it in the comments below. Hope your day is 20/20. 😉

Five Minute Friday: Real

Writer chics all over the globe take five minutes on Fridays and just do one thing for five minutes: write.

It’s fun, it’s cheeky and well, I just like the security of having one writing assignment that doesn’t take a whole lot of time or thought. Just writing for the love of writing. All with a one-word prompt by the Gypsy Mama. You’d like her; she’s cool.

Here we go. Five minutes of the word: Real.

On Wednesday evening my husband and I returned from a five night trip away from our children.  First time in over two years that we spent this amount of time away from them, but together.

Yesterday a lot of “real” things hit me.

Like dirty toilets and bathroom sinks.

Like misplaced items and messy drawers.

A few things like needing milk and bread and the nonstop pace of giving care to seven kids. One kid whose college goals and needs weigh heavily on Matt and me.  The reality of having a child with a terminal illness.  Ten years old and his life under our roof is most likely halfway over. A girl whose mood changes like a chameleon.  A toothless wonder of 6 whose concentration is refilling his caterpillar box. A three year old with the curiosity of ten monkeys. The baby toddling around with smiles and giggles. And poopy diapers.

But REAL feels so very good.

Real is dreaming of the incredible future of that college age girl.

Real is loving every day we get to spend caring for a sick girl.

Real is concentrating on character building for the preteen.

Real is evaluating how to infuse joy by example to an 8 yr. old.

Real is relishing the growing mind of the caterpillar-loving boy.

Real is working new puzzles and dancing with the preschooler.

Real is cherishing those little baby arms as they hug my neck.

Soak it up.

Life is real.

So is the brevity of seasons.

Life is a Gift

No one wants to get one of those phone calls.  You know the kind I mean… where the person on the other line is trying their best to remain calm but at the same time deliver news that your loved one had an episode of struggling…

with the simple act of breathing.

I received one of those…just yesterday.

So today I want to encourage you to remember that

life is a gift.

Every single day.

The sunny days and the rainy days.

The good days and bad days.

We get to choose to  embrace the breath God gave us today and enjoy it to the fullest or shun the gift of life and turn our faces towards bitterness.

The choice is ours:

passionately pursue and purposely live…

or accept mediocrity and vaguely exist.


invest and improve others’ lives…

or hoard our blessings and selfishly live alone.


give thanks for our blessings and claim joy

or focus on burdens and demand attention.


Life is a gift.

Have you taken the bow off today?