You Might Be A Blogger If…

I’m headed out to the Allume Conference tomorrow- a place where Christian women unite, learn about each other and grow together as we shed our lights through the world of blogging and social media.  Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped! :)

The one item of feedback I continually receive on the blog is:

You either make me laugh or make me cry- and sometimes both!

Since we cried our way through the post from yesterday, today, I present to you a harmless post for my blogging friends- You Might Be A Blogger If…

If you carry thumb drives in your purse…just in case-

You Might Be A Blogger.

If your packing list includes a surge protector…

yep, you might be a blogger.

If you thought twice about putting the word “blogger” on your business card…

You just might be a blogger.

If you’ve ever had to explain that “vlogging” is not a misspelled word..

You might be a blogger.

If your family asks before every picture, “Is this going on the blog?”…

yep, you might be a blogger.

If you’ve ever hit “publish” accidentally, WAY before you intended to…

you might be a blogger.

If you’ve ever jumped out of the shower to scribble down an idea before you forget it…

you just might…

probably are…

a blogger.

And last but not least,

If you’ve ever woken up in a sweat because you dreamed that you forgot to renew your domain name….

You might be a blogger.

Love you, blogging friends! Looking forward to those I have the opportunity to see over the next few days!! Would love to read your “You might be a blogger” in the comments!

God’s Got the Turkey

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Monday was Sam the man’s baseball evening and the mother in me so desperately wanted to make the game fun and enjoyable, yet practical, for the entire family.  So what did I decide to do?  Have dinner at the baseball field.  Deciding on something easy, I made an unusual (yes, that was sarcasm) trip to the store for fresh deli turkey since I had all the ingredients for some fine subs.

Honestly, we haven’t had a picnic this spring just yet. So I’m out of practice.  AND the possibility of rain existed. Have YOU ever been to teeball games and waited for the rainout call? Yep, loads of fun. Loads.  With the threat of rain, Taylor, my sweet special needs girl, was privileged to stay at home and eat her dinner with her nurse in peace. (Alright, I admit it- I was jealous.)  The rest of us piled in the minivan; dinner all packed up.  We  drive to the park, caravan (stroller, lawn chairs, blanket, dinner bags, purse) across the field and bunker down, prepared for dinner in the fullest way. After a hearty round of hand sanitizer, all children stare eagerly at the bags…and my heart sinks.

Everything was there. Condiments, napkins, plates, bread…you get the idea.

Everything, that is, except…

the turkey.

Last time I checked, it’s a little tough to have turkey subs without turkey.

I sheepishly admit my failure to my husband and quickly the children catch on to the dilemma.   My awesome husband responds: “It’s not the end of the world.” (He’s a stud.) And I think the kids were happy to eat strawberries & chips- it was like having dessert first.

But me- I felt like a failure.  For several minutes I berated myself mentally, traced all my steps and thoughts in the minutes prior to heading out the door and repeatedly asked: What in the world was I thinking?

Somewhere in the midst of my thoughts, though, came the Holy Spirit prompt:

God’s got the turkey.

Did you know He never forgets anything except our sin? Now if it were me, that would probably be the last thing I’d forget. But Him? He puts it as far as the east is from the west.

So my mistake was chalked up to yet another spiritual lesson.

No harm;

no foul,

or fowl, take your pick. 😉

Top 10 Similarities between Church Members and Gym Members

So I can’t help myself…I admit it. I’m a people watcher. And tonight at the gym, I was thinking about the similarities between members… at the gym and at church.


Drum roll please:

10. Both gym members and church members administer a faux smile until they get past the greeters.

9. Both will use “needing a drink” as an excuse to exit, even if only for a few minutes.

8. Both types of members heave a huge sigh of relief when “it’s all over.”

7. Neither at the gym or church do people appear to enjoy being reminded of the “no pain, no gain” mentality.

6. Church members and gym members each have a downfall that got them there in the first place.

5. Both members downfall started with food. (Eve, the “apple”. Ok, it’s a stretch.)

4. Both keep their head down and hope they don’t see anyone they know.

3. Both are secretly glad when their children misbehave in childcare so they can leave with honor in their valiant effort.

2. Both stop at a restaurant on the way home.

And the top issue that church members and gym members have in common?

1. Neither one are laughing at this list right now because it hits too close to home.

(I’m here til Thursday…try the veal.)

Come on. Laugh. You know you need to.

See you at the church or the gym. Your pick. 😉