Living Life Fully:Each Day Holds Extraordinary Potential


Hey there Friends! Coming to you from Houston, TX today. Thrilled to be with Humble First Baptist Church Mom2Mom groups today and we’re discussing the topic

Living Life Fully: Each Day Holds Extraordinary Potential

Now I can’t give away ALL my message just yet, since I’m speaking Tuesday morning and evening. But I wanted to challenge you to read Ecclesiastes 3:1-13 and below you will find our discussion questions. We’re working backwards, so to speak.

On Whimsical Wednesday, I’ll share with you the “meat” of the message. In the mean time though, I’d love it if you’d choose one or two of these questions and give me a little feedback in the comments when you have a moment. Ready?

1. What does the phrase “living life fully” mean to you?

2. Do you believe God wants our everyday lives to be boring and mundane or rich and exciting? Are you living life with that daily expectation?

3. How much daily impact do our attitudes have on the fullness of life?

4. Do you feel that your approach to the day is promoting the impact you desire?

5. Does filling the calendar encourage “full life?”

6. What practical methods have you found to assist you in calendar management?

7. Have you found a daily routine that assists you securing moments of loving God and others? Can you share your daily routines that have helped maintain a peaceful environment in your home?

8. Do you find your daily routine easily falls into a rut? Can you share any ideas that have helped you keep your routine fresh?

9. Have you found creative ways to have a quiet time with God on a regular basis or does this routine also have a tendency to get stale? 

Tomorrow I’ll list specific posts already on the blog that address some of the issues; I know some of you are already drawing the lines in your head to match the posts with the questions because you, my awesome readers, rock!

extraordinary potential

Be sure to come back tomorrow!

Beyond Abundant

It’s that time again! Five Minute Friday. Five minutes of writing, no takebacks, no edits, no formalities.  Just flat out putting it out there.  This week’s word: BEYOND.

Here we go.


Jesus wasn’t always understood by normal, everyday people like us.

In John 10, He is speaking to the crowd about following him and in the middle of comparing His followers to sheep, suddenly, He gives a glimpse into what living for Him is really about.

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Then He returns to the topic of sheep by calling Himself “The Good Shepherd.”

What secret lies in this phrase “the abundant life?”

Jesus gives us salvation- yes, He died on the cross to save us from our sin. Praise Him for that.

But all the while we’re trusting Him for eternal life- a home in Heaven, we fail to trust Him for everyday life.

The toilet gets clogged and the laundry piles up.

The car breaks down and the baby is sick.

The boss cracks the whip and the spouse expects too much.

But there is MORE to life than what we see.

He promised us the abundant life. Richer. Fuller. Sweeter.

Beyond abundant.

How do we achieve that everyday abundant life?

I believe by embracing Jesus in everyday decisions.

I’m embarking on a Bible DVD interaction here in a few weeks- a new study titled-

Unglued- Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions by Lysa TerKeurst.

The book releases August 7th and I’m super-pumped about this study.  Because I truly believe that the secret to the abundant life lies in our daily choices.  And most of the time that broken-down car and sick baby? We don’t choose those.  But we CAN choose how we react to those things.

So who’s with me?