On the Farm The Prodigal Pig Review

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It’s a Tommy Nelson day- woohoo!

I’m privileged to present to you a great DVD designed for children ages 4-7, On the Farm’s The Prodigal Pig. My two youngest were excited to watch this DVD this evening. At ages 2 and 4, I was curious to see their reactions and they enjoyed it greatly! This DVD was perfect for my 4 year old and she watched every minute of it. I have to admit that my 2 year old lost interest about halfway through, but she was ok with snuggling, and of course, so was I.


The Prodigal Pig teaches children the Biblical story of the Prodigal son in an entertaining way. I truly believe that children need to be taught the importance of forgiving others at an early age. This can be challenging, so the more tools you have in your belt, the easier it will be! The storyline in this video features Porkchop, a pig who dreams of making it big no matter the cost. But when Porkchops encounters friends who stick around only while he has money to support them, his true friends reveal their devotion to him.


This DVD includes special educational features with a focus on the letter “P.” Tarah, my 4 yr old, enjoyed the read-along storybook in the bonus section. The voice talents include Randy Travis, Amy Grant, and Vince Gill.

If you’d like to order this DVD, you can do so here: On the Farm with Bob: The Prodigal Pig

And while we are discussing forgiveness and the Prodigal Son, my favorite book to teach children on the topic is this one:

Click on the graphic or here, I Love You No Matter What: A Prince Chirpio Story, to check it out!

If you’d like to enter win a copy of The Prodigal Pig, just follow the Rafflecopter and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Hermie DVD Giveaway

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Hey there! I have an awesome children’s Hermie DVD giveaway for you today- it’s a Tommy Nelson day! This truth-telling DVD was watched intently by my 8 year old son, as he was given the job to assist in this review. 😉 His summary was “it was about making sure you always tell the truth.” Yep, he’s my pretty direct and straight to the point kid.

children's dvd giveaway

Our family have been friends of Hermie’s for years- whenever the kids see Max Lucado on TV or hear him on the radio, they automatically recognize him. The Hermie & Friends DVD series are animated and full of fun. The series presents Christian values and gives children the opportunity to grow spiritually as they begin to understand Biblical principles.   This particular DVD set is designed for ages 4-7 and contains two full length episodes.




Hermie & Friends have two cool things available for FREE that I thought you might love. First up, you can sign up for emails from Hermie & Friends (must be 13 years or older) so that you can keep up with latest news. Secondly, they have some super cool FREE coloring pages RIGHT HERE.

AND- for all my regular readers, you know that post from last week “7 Creative Ways to Saturate Your Life With Scripture?” Well I have one more for you! No, they are not THE latest, but Hermie & Friends have some Bible Memory Verse CD’s and I just love them!

Click on the graphic for more information.

Alright Friends! That’s all for today- hope you’ll enter to win the DVD through the Rafflecopter and have a fabulous day!

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Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD Giveaway

Today I’m guest-posting for my awesome friends at What’s In the Bible?. I hope you’ll stop by their blog and take a peek to find 5 Practical Tips for Hurting Families during the Holidays. (Post goes live in the afternoon on 11/14)

However, you know I love to give away awesome books and media and What’s In The Bible? is just that. Today’s giveaway includes 2 copies of Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD’s. Last Christmas our family watched this DVD for the first time and it truly is a terrific family experience. My then 10 yr. old son wrote a paper at school about Christmas; the paper was 4 pages. He told me what he wrote about and funny thing, he described it all, then said: “Basically everything I learned about Christmas from What’s in the Bible?”

Super cool opportunity on this awesome What’s In The Bible? Christmas set when you doubleclick the coupon:

And here’s the pretty awesome, very cool giveaway! Enter away! :)
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