3 Christian Principles That Ground Sean & Catherine’s Marriage

Special note: While I don’t support the show, The Bachelor, in the spirit of supporting Christian marriages, I am choosing to encourage Sean & Catherine in their faith. I’m proud of their stand and this post, 3 Christian principles that ground Sean & Catherine’s marriage, is a great example of love that gives.for the right reasons

This is an exclusive guest post written by The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe. Sean fell in love with Catherine Giudici and they married in a nationally-televised fairytale last January. But this is just the beginning for the newlyweds. 

In his new autobiography, For The Right Reasons, Sean tells all about the backstage drama that fuels The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, how he overcame heartbreak to find his true love, and the personal struggles and Christian faith that have made him the man he is today.

Staying Humble  

One thing I’ve had to learn during our marriage is to humble myself each and every day. Having to be right about something can quickly lead to butting heads over even the smallest issues. If I’m not willing to humble myself, I’ll just go on believing I’m right regardless of what Catherine says, because in those situations, I’m not really listening to her.

I have to get humble and slow myself down. Then, I can listen to her point of view and we can really start to talk things out. As newlyweds, this isn’t easy for either of us, but it’s something that we both realize is important.

Putting Catherine’s Needs First

I’ve also learned the importance – actually the necessity – of putting Catherine’s needs before mine. I truly have to be concerned about her well-being above my own. Having recently been a single guy, this is tough! It goes against all human nature about self-preservation, but that’s why it’s so special. It’s marriage, where two become one. In a sense, I’m not just putting her needs above mine, I’m putting our needs above my own selfish desires.

Letting The Small Things Stay Small

Forgiveness is important in any relationship. Even when there’s not something really serious I need to forgive Catherine for, forgiveness is essentially the act of letting something go.

Every now and then, something as small as where we’re going to eat dinner on a particular night can start an argument. I’ve got tell myself, “Hey, Listen! It’s not that big of a deal. I love my wife with all my heart. I’m going to put this behind me and move on.”

Anything can become a big deal if you make it into a big deal, but that’s just it! Picking a restaurant is not a big deal, it’s a small deal – a very small deal. Letting those small things stay small things can always be a challenge, but it’s so important!

Sean Lowe


Learn more about Sean’s new autobiography here, For The Right Reasons, America’s Favorite Bachelor on Faith, Love, Marriage and Why Nice Guys Finish First


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Counting Your Blessings At Christmas & Children’s Book Giveaway

a star for me

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When All I Could Give Was A Broken Gift

broken gift

I thought it wasn’t good enough, but it was all I had.

Who gives a broken gift?

No one. It is simply not the thing to do.

In my mind’s eye, I can imagine the widow in Jesus’ New Testament example, turning those two small coins over and over again in her hand. She knew they belonged to the Lord, but it seemed meager. Minute. Pathetic.

It’s not enough. How could I give more?

Maybe I should wait until I have a better income.

Perhaps when my clothes are more in vogue.

Maybe I just need to wait until my kids are grown and I have more time.

All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.  Luke 21:4

Her story and my story merged as I wrestled with what I believed God was whispering to my heart.

His message? Serve me wholeheartedly. Tell others of me. Just give me what you have- brokenness and all.

So God and I chatted. Well, I talked a whole lot and he listened to every word.

“But Lord, you know I’m just an everyday person. I mostly stay at home with lots of little ones and a special needs child. I can barely get to the grocery store, much less serve in the community. It’s a struggle. We have no family living close by and I don’t have much help. I’m not an outgoing person. I don’t have much money; we live by faith. Neither do I have any training to write or speak. I have no idea how all this could work.”

Trust me.

“But no one will believe me. They’ll think I’m crazy. And they’ll ignore me.”

Do you love me?

“More than anything. Ok. I give you my broken gift- all of me. The cracks, the pieces, the fragments. The divorce, the death of my mom, the terminal illness of my daughter, the negative emotions and the blessings of today. I give it all to you. Even the leftover dust. If you want me to tell others about you, then you’re going to have to bring the people to me. You’re going to have to tell me what to say.And you’re going to have to show me what to do.”

I don’t recommend using this tone of voice with the Creator of the universe. But with loving patience, God said to my heart,

“Girl, just wait and see what I’m going to do.”

Spring turned into summer and how time flies when you care for a houseful of children. While I didn’t see what God was doing throughout the months, one particular day that summer, the thought dawned on me at the end of an extremely busy day. The front door should have been revolving as every manner of person entered. The UPS man. Neighbor children. Piano students and their parents.

27 people visited our house that day. And God whispered.

“I brought them to you.”

In awe, the tears flowed as I humbly replied, “Wow. Yes, you did.”

And once again, I gave my broken self to him when all I could give was a broken gift.


Brokenness is the greatest gift we can give God. It’s a gift that God can work with; it’s a gift that moves his heart.- Matthew Barnett

God’s not finished with that brokenness. Each day he reshapes and remolds. My brokenness transformed into his  beautiful masterpiece. Still an unfinished product, yet continuing to reflect a little more of his light each day.

I told God to bring the people to me. And I thought 27 people was a lot. God has quite the sense of humor.

Today, 6 years later, God brings 12,000 people a day to this website to read about what he can do when we give him our broken gifts. His favorite gifts are the broken ones. The ones that can’t fix themselves. The ones that don’t wait until they think they have it all together. The ones who simply surrender all they have.

Are you ready to give him your brokenness today?


This post was inspired by Matthew Barnett’s new book, Misfits Welcome, with the goal of raising awareness and helping those in need. To learn more about the book, CLICK HERE!