Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World & Bible Study DVD Giveaway

I’ve been reading the book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, by Joanna Weaver. I feel a bit late to the party on this book because many of my friends have read it already since it originally released in 2000. I can’t express how much I appreciate this book. The subtitle is “Finding Intimacy with God in the Busyness of Life.” Certain seasons of my life have been busier than others, but I certainly am in a busy season.

The material in this book is absolutely fabulous. Joanna expresses much of my personal struggle as she outlines the struggle of many Christian women- we want to be close to Jesus, but the daily busyness of the world intrudes on the opportunities to draw close to Him. When we read the story of Mary and her heart for God, we want to be the ones listening intently to the Master teacher. But the Martha in us tells us there is much to be done and we should be moving along.

If you’ve never read Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, I can’t recommend it enough. And whether you’ve read it or not, I want to be sure you know about the incredible NEW material published just this year! This beautiful book in the new edition contains a 12 week companion Bible study guide. And I’m so excited that Joanna also offers a 10 session DVD AND Bible study guide for group or personal study with a TON of bonus material that you will not want to miss, including tools to go deeper into the study.

Now to be honest, I’ve only watched the first session of this study, but truly it is one I can’t wait to dig into more. Joanna’s warm and open style of teaching will capture your heart from the first word. I’ve been contemplating how and when I’m going to complete this study, but I wanted to list my ideas out for you to see if one might meet your needs.

  • Host a group study in home, at church, or in the community.
  • Use the DVD for you and one other accountability partner. Maybe this person is a neighbor, friend or co-worker you see regularly for convenience of discussion.
  • Use the DVD and study guide for personal use. (Very affordable!!)
  • Host a retreat using the retreat session on the DVD. (How cool is that??!!)
  • Host a Bible study marathon day. What’s that? One day or weekend in which you watch ALL the DVD sessions, in this case, 10 sessions of 20-22 minutes each. How does that work? Be sure to come back on Monday for my next post to see how I’ve used the Bible study marathon method successfully!!

I really want you to see how affordable this Bible study is. So check out the book HERE, the DVD and study guide pack HERE, and the single copy study guide HERE. 

And now for the super fun part!! I’m so excited to be giving away 2 sets of the book, DVD and study guide today!

maryheart giveawayI’m really pumped about this because I receive many emails from readers who say their church doesn’t have the resources to purchase Bible studies and could I send study recommendations, especially free studies. This giveaway will be incredibly beneficial to whomever wins it!

Just follow the Rafflecopter to enter and be sure to return for the next post about how to host a Bible study marathon! Have a great weekend!


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A Princess Prayer and Devotional Giveaway

Each night my husband and I pray for and with each of our children. We established this beautiful pattern of bedtime routine from the beginning and they expect the routine! The few times a year that we are away from the kids, they want their prayer time over the phone. And in the past year, we’ve graduated to Facetime prayers. I never dreamed of that!

Our two youngest are especially in the princess mode at ages 2 and 4. They have a dress up box full of princess outfits and they string it out nearly every day. So we have fun with it.

Here they are doing a very princess floor puzzle:

princess girls


So I thought it would be beautiful to write a prayer for the girls for their precious princess minds. You know, those minds that are soaking up every little thing and wearing a tiara the whole time.


A Princess Prayer

This prayer to God
I whisper now.
Before my king
I humbly bow.
And while I sleep
With stars above,
My princess heart
Is full of love.


princess prayers

Along with this princess prayer, I’m so pleased to share the God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional with you. Of course, my girlies latched on to this book right away, as you can see,

gods princess devotional

Here’s a preview of this sweet book:

This devotional is perfect for your girly girl with its beautiful cover and shiny embellishments! The cute color art on each page is sure to win over your little princess.

If you’d like to check this sweet devotional out or order one, you can do so right here.

bedtime devo
And I’m excited to be giving away one of these sweet devotionals today! Just follow the Rafflcopter and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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Saturday Surprise- Children’s Devotional Book Giveaway

every day a blessing

Hey Friends! January is such a fabulous month to begin a new devotional. Today I have a beautiful children’s devotional book giveaway- Every Day a Blessing, A Year of God’s Love.

I’m excited to get this devo in the hands of my 8 year old son- I just know he is going to love it! He loves devotionals and has been pretty faithful to read them daily for about the past two years. The book features the beautiful artistry of Carolina Farias, who also illustrated the Jesus Calling Bible Storybook. The focus of this devotional is seeing the blessings of God around us, each and every day, even when life isn’t perfect.

The devotional offers a key verse, a few devotional thoughts or story, a simply activity, and a one-sentence prayer or closing thought. I wanted you to see how concise and yet how poignant this devotional is, so I’m offering a sneak preview right here:

When I look back at myself as a person, I honestly don’t think I’ve been as thankful as I should have been as a child and teenager. I realize some of the issue is simple growth and maturity. However, I can remember a few instances where I know I did not receive a gift very graciously or I didn’t respond gratefully. Can you relate?

This book will help your child recognize that life doesn’t have to be perfect in order to see God’s blessings each day- a concept I desperately want my children to learn.

A great way to introduce the use of this devotional would be to make a blessings jar!

If you’d like to find more detail or order this devotional, you can do that right here.

Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter for this fabulous giveaway and if you missed my post on Faith Gateway yesterday, check it out- Ways to Teach Your Kids to Read the Bible!

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Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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