Bible Reading Challenge Check In and the Logos WiMS

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Welcome to Monday! This week passed so quickly that I can hardly believe it. I was privileged to attend the Logos Women in Ministry Summit in Dallas, TX last week and I can’t wait to share more about what I learned using the Logos Bible Software! It truly was an honor to be invited to participate in this event and the company of fellow women in ministry was such a blessing.

I met Kay Arthur for the first time and spent a little time with my friends, Courtney, from Women Living Well; Darlene , from the Time-Warp Wife; Jennifer, from The Unveiled Wife; and Renee Swope of Proverbs 31 ministries.



(me, Jennie Allen, and Courtney Joseph, taking a hallway conversation pic)

Some of my newer friends included Chrystal Evans Hurst, Jennie Allen, June Hunt, Debbie Lindell, Gwen Smith, Kasey Van Norman, Janelle Nehrenz, Lisa Harper, Patsy Clairmont and Amanda Williams. The Logos team was absolutely incredible as they served the women and I hate to mention any more names in fear that I will leave someone out. I could tell you story after story of how God worked in my heart through the women, the training time and the entire meeting. I’m actually still processing God’s goodness through the event and the Logos team. (and I can’t believe I missed out on being part of the group photo- so you won’t find me in the pic! :( )



So, how did the Bible Reading Challenge go? I had extra waiting time in airports over a course of the three days of travelling, so I was able to stay up on the challenge. Hooray! However, the week ahead is looking a little intimidating. I would love to hear how your Bible reading is going!

Can you check in so that we can keep one another encouraged?

Have a marvelous Monday!


Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Hey Friends! Monday is already here once again! Wow- the first month of the Bible Reading Challenge has passed and here we are- headed into February. If you remember, the last two weeks, we’ve used a special post on Mondays just to get us in tune with one another and use as the Bible reading challenge check in.

What reading methods are you finding to work for you? I’d love it if you’d share.

Be sure to leave a comment so we can keep each other accountable to stay in the Word and to keep one another encouraged! That’s the entire purpose of this separate posts- so celebrate your progress- no matter the amount of reading.

Can’t wait to hear how it’s going!


Bible Study for Beginners

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In the past two weeks, I’ve received the same question from so many of you. That question has been:

How do I begin to read and study the Bible for myself?

So today on Whimsical Wednesday, we’re doing something a little less whimsical and a little more practical- Bible Study for Beginners. I’m outlining the same information in this post that I send to each email request so that we can all read, share and learn together. Here we go.

The first question often asked, especially through the Bible Reading Challenge, is:

If I’m a beginner reader of the Bible, where do I start?

The first four books of the New Testament are called the Gospels- they are the story of Christ’s life from his disciples, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The book of John is written very simply and easy to understand.

My recommendation for beginner readers is to begin with the book of John. It’s always helpful to have a reading plan so that you can be accountable to follow through on your intentions. Here you can find a printable Bible reading plan for the book of John. Now I know it’s called “Children’s Bible Reading Plan,” but this plan is great for anyone who wants to begin to read the Bible. You can also find this plan in the Olive Tree Bible App.

My next recommendations for a beginner to read the Bible, after the book of John, are:

I John, II John, & III John




After completing the above, you could easily begin any formalized reading plan, such M’Cheyne, which is the one I am using for the Bible Reading Challenge. And there are multiple others listed right here.

So after determining where to begin to read the Bible, the next question I receive most is:

How do I study the Bible?

One of the easiest ways to study the Bible is using this simple Bible study guide- 4 questions you can use for any chapter of the Bible. ** ADDENDUM: NEW guide bookmark and journal page HERE.

Precept Ministries offers a simple Bible study guide for the entire Bible, which you can find here.

I have 4 simple Bible study tips you can find here for when you feel that you’d like to dig in more than a simple guide.

So we’ve answered two of the questions I frequently receive via email! Yay! And now I would LOVE it if you’d share your simple Bible study plans, tips, and guides with us, especially anything that might help beginners since this post is geared towards those who are new to studying the Bible.

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And now it’s time for Whimsical Wednesdays, where bloggers from all around the world stop by to link up their wonderfully encouraging posts. Glad to have you, Bloggers! Be sure to encourage another blogger who links up before or after you and I’ll do my best to be an encouragement to you as well.

Happy Wednesday!