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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Happy Labor Day! I’m writing to you from Cleveland today. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary today. They are such an incredible example of love and maturity in their relationship and family. I feel so blessed to have been a part of their beautiful celebration. How’ s the Bible Reading Challenge coming […]

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Share A Blessing Children’s Book Review & Giveaway

Alright. I’m beginning this post with a confession. I have not been very good…ok, I’ve been really horrible at writing thank you notes since this spring. There. Whew. I feel better. I have a slew of thank you notes (is slew a word? it sounds good…) from summer events that I haven’t touched yet. I […]

prayer disappointment wide

A Call to Prayer

I believe in prayer; you’ve probably noticed that here if you’ve been around much. God has a purpose in prayer and things happen when people pray. I’ve been a witness to that time and time again in my own life, as well as the lives of others. Last week , I sent out a message […]

back to school prayers wide

5 Back to School Prayers

Today I’m sharing a roundup of back to school prayers. If there is one thing I find myself doing more of during this back to school time of year, it is praying for my kids. And our family.  And myself. And their teachers. And the bus drivers….and…and…and. I know you get it.   So here […]

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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

    It’s Monday! How many of you have children starting school this week? This is our second week of school, so we’re settling into a bit of a routine here. I’m not such a fan of the school year, honestly. I love summer so much. But like it or not, here we are and […]

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FREE Bible Word Search Puzzles

When I was young, my mom kept Bible word search books and crossword puzzle books on the end tables in our living room. I’ve always loved word search puzzles! And I’ve found that my kids love them too. Upon attending the  Logos Women in Ministry summit a few weeks ago, one of the new-to-me Logos […]

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5 Creative Ways to Read Morning Devotionals

With the start of school, our family has the opportunity to evaluate how to begin the mornings well.  Sometimes the morning doesn’t seem like the best time to spend with God- especially if you’re not a morning person. I’ve confessed to you before that I try to be a morning person. But that’s hard to […]

bible study tools wide

Women’s Bible Studies by Topic

Today’s post is a project I’ve been working on for some time. Women’s Bible studies are not always easy to research. You can focus on finding the study by author, by book of the Bible, by topic, or by Bible character. Also, there are many different types of studies. Book studies with guides. DVD studies […]

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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Hey there! Monday is here once again; can you believe it? Well, after spending some time all caught up on the daily Bible reading, I fell behind this week. My sweet 5 year old, Tarah, fell and broke her arm on Thursday night and since then, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. It was […]

who you are in christ wide

Remembering Who You Are in Christ

Some days you have to step back and remind yourself that God places you in certain situations as part of his plan for your life, especially when you don’t understand what he is doing or why certain things are happening. A step further is when you are placed in situations that leave you feeling completely […]

bedtime prayers wide

Bedtime Prayers and Using A Bedtime Routine Checklist & GIVEAWAY

With school beginning next week, honestly I’m a little panicked at the thought of the new routine beginning. Our family’s summer seems to have passed so quickly and with the beginning of school we need not only a solid morning routine, but also a strong bedtime routine. My husband and I established the habit of […]

bible study tools wide

Bible Reading Challenge Check In and the Logos WiMS

Welcome to Monday! This week passed so quickly that I can hardly believe it. I was privileged to attend the Logos Women in Ministry Summit in Dallas, TX last week and I can’t wait to share more about what I learned using the Logos Bible Software! It truly was an honor to be invited to […]

mountain sky

What to Do with the Cares of Your Heart

Recently I was reading Psalms during a wait and I’ve just soaked myself in the Psalms lately. It seems I read one and then just keep going and pretty soon, I’ve read ten or fifteen without stopping. God’s Word is so relevant and current. Each time I read, I find myself thinking “Wow, that was […]

prayer wide

A Prayer of Thanks for My Church

Recently as I worked on writing my book scheduled to be released in September 2015, I was reflecting on the influence that church has played in my life. No, it hasn’t all been perfect. As my pastor reminded us on Sunday, the church is not really the building; the church is people. And we all know […]