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February Bible Reading Challenge

** Post includes this week’s reading summary of Proverbs and check-in.   February Bible Reading Challenge Friday is here and today we check in for the January Bible Reading challenge. I’m so excited about continuing to focus on Proverbs again for the month of February! We will read one chapter a day except the last […]

Psalm 287

Being Strong Doesn’t Look the Same for Everyone

I listened intently to Christine Caine yesterday as she discussed today’s Christian women and the challenges they face. And since then, I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head that being strong doesn’t look the same for everyone. I mean, I have a friend whose husband is working long hours on a job […]

questions about God

Questions about God from A Kindergartener

Recently my kindergarten girl, Tarah, has been thinking on her own more and more. You know that stage when children start to ask all kinds of questions? She’s there. In the thick of it. Oh, she went through the typical 3 year old stage of questions. That’s a standard age for asking the proverbial “Why?” You […]

Proverbs 2028

Victory Belongs to the Lord

Welcome to Friday and the weekly Bible reading challenge check-in! When I first introduced the 2015 Bible Reading Challenge, I explained how I felt the Lord was directing me to focus on the book of Proverbs. Since then, in the last two weeks, my pastor encouraged the church to read Proverbs 3:1-15 every day for […]

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The Search for Purpose in Life

You can’t shake the feeling and wish you could. It’s unruly and unsettling. The feeling bosses your mind and controls your heart. You find yourself searching for satisfaction… contentment… fulfillment. Essentially, for purpose in life. Yet it seems so elusive. If only you can make it to the next payday, things will change. If only you […]

John 3:16 for God

Free Valentine Bible Verse Printable

Today I was a bit reminiscent of the Christmas lights. I know- they had to come down at some point.  But it occurred to me that I don’t have many Valentine decorations and really, for the month of love, I could do better than my very plain mantel and bare front door. So I started […]

ideas on ways to pray

15 Ideas on Ways to Pray for Your Husband

  This weekend I was thinking heavily on ways to pray for my husband. Due to some changes at work, he has been working long hours and though he is strong, I know that intervening to God on his behalf will provide strength from above. Though I have a phone reminder set to pray for […]


On Guarding Your Mouth and Gaining Wisdom

I am enjoying the 2015 Bible reading challenge so much! How did your Proverbs reading go this week? I found myself reading the chapter twice on many days as  I lingered over my morning coffee.  Let’s summarize chapters 10-15 this week. I read chapter 9 before posting on last Friday, so it was included in the […]


If You’ve Ever Wished for A Zipper on Your Lips…

** Post includes a book giveaway for Karen Ehman’s new book: Keep It Shut! Words. I love them so much. They carry weight and authority. They can beautifully display love and affection. But oh when they slip out without a filter, how dangerous and damaging it can be! This week as we’re reading through the […]

god forgives

When You Need the Reminder that God Forgives

You passed that old friend from years ago and suddenly, a pit sprouted in your stomach. While time had passed and you hoped everything was ok now, the issue wasn’t forgotten. The guilt from years gone by flooded over your soul once more and you hoped to quickly move on. After all, what if she hadn’t […]

read your Bible more

30 Ways to Read Your Bible More

Today I was thinking about all the excuses I’ve used in past years not to read my Bible. Honestly, I’m embarrassed when I think over them. “I just don’t have enough time.” Really? Did I have enough time to update my social media status? Then… Yeah, I know you get it. So instead of beating […]

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Because Wisdom Is Calling Us

Welcome to the Bible reading challenge check-in! It’s Friday! I have loved reading one chapter of Proverbs each day this week; how about you? Why are we reading Proverbs daily? I think we already have a general answer, even though we’re not even a fourth of the way through the book- because wisdom is calling us! […]

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Learning from the Past

Last week I was privileged to write and record a fun preliminary video played just before the message at church. Our current series topic is Decades. Essentially Pastor Ken is covering what we can learn from the past to help us propel into the future. The questions from the sermon were so thought-provoking I wanted to share […]

organizing life

4 Choices I Made to Organize Life

There is so much in our lives that we don’t have the privilege of controlling or changing.  Would you agree? In the last two weeks, I’ve been thinking heavily about how much better I feel when life is organized. But when I think about my overall life organizational plan, I realize sometimes I can make better choices that […]

prayer for expecting moms

A Prayer for Expecting Moms

Last year while I was at the She Speaks Conference, the sweetest woman passed me in the hallway, did a doubletake and called back, “Hey, are you Rachel Wojo?” I took a few steps back and we had the most beautiful conversation. “I stopped to thank you for praying for me in your Facebook page […]

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How to Develop An Ear for Wisdom

Today is the first Friday in our 2015 Bible Reading Challenge and I’m so excited! I know we’ve only read one chapter so far, maybe two, depending on the time of day you’re reading this post, but I am already loving the time to focus and meditate on the single chapter. Keep in mind that […]

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10 Things You Won’t Believe Happened to Me in 2014

2014 has been a wonderful year and sometimes I just shake my head at all the details God orchestrates in our lives on a daily basis. Here are a few that stood out to me as the 10 things you won’t believe happened to me in 2014, in no particular order.   10. I didn’t […]

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2015 Bible Reading Challenge

Welcome to the 2015 Bible Reading Challenge! For the past two years, we have read through the Bible in a year and most of us have used the M’Cheyne reading plan.  While this is a wonderful plan that I truly love, this year I’ve decided to focus on one chapter a day instead of 4. […]

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Final Bible Reading Challenge Check-In for 2014

You did it!! You did your best to read your Bible each day in 2014 and now we’ve come together for the final check-in. If you are following the M’Cheyne plan that I enjoy and have used this year, then technically, we finish on this Wednesday. I actually fell behind a couple days, but still […]

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Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours

Each year at the first of December, I tell myself “Christmas is over 3 weeks away. Plenty of time…” and then somehow, before I can take another breath, the day arrives. Time flies so quickly; I know you understand. I don’t often give you a family update of all the hustle and bustle with the […]

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How to Read Through the Bible On Your Own and FREE Printable

How do I read the Bible through on my own? One of the questions I commonly receive is: How do I read through the Bible on my own? And it’s a great question! If you’ve ever decided to read the Bible through on your own and you’ve started with the book of Genesis with the […]

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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Monday is here and you know what that means! It’s time to check in for the Bible reading challenge and encourage one another to read God’s Word daily. Who’s ready for Christmas? I’m getting there! My lists are getting checked off and I’m anticipating a wonderful week for our family to enjoy one another. The […]


Counting Your Blessings At Christmas & Children’s Book Giveaway

Typically Thanksgiving is the season we count our blessings, but this sweet new book, A Star for Me, teaches us to continue counting our blessings through the Christmas season. This beautiful large board book (8×10) is accompanied by a sparkling gold star ornament. As you read through the book, you can move the star ornament up […]


Top Christmas Picks and A Question for You

Wow- this blog sure is a happening place at Christmas! It’s almost as busy as my house. I thought I should be sure to share all the great spaces that many of you love around here before time runs away from us. If you want Christmas printables, prayers or poems, I’ve got you covered! So […]

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You Want the Perfect Christmas

Have you ever thought you could achieve the perfect Christmas? Pull it all off without glitches? Give everyone the exact gift they want? I’ve wished for it. Thought on it. But never truly achieved it. Is the perfect Christmas a possibility? You Want The Perfect Christmas You want the perfect Christmas? To keep the traditions […]


6 Favorite Christmas Children’s Books

** Post includes children’s book giveaway! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying! Last week was an abnormal week for me from a schedule standpoint and it’s been all I could do to keep up with our family advent on a daily basis. This year we are enjoying Ann Voskamp’s beautiful new Advent book, […]

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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Hey there Friends! Welcome to Monday and the Bible reading challenge check-in. We have two more check-in Mondays at this point in our 2014 Bible Reading Challenge! WOW! Does time fly or what? I can hardly believe it! My goal is to announce the 2015 Bible reading challenge next Monday. For the last two years, […]

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A Prayer for When I Am Stressed

A Prayer for when I am stressed Dear Father, The wind of the world is blowing strong And the whirling stress it ushers in overwhelms me. Whether coming up short in dollars and cents Or falling short of being good enough, The swirl of the burden presses my soul. In spite of heightened senses, I […]

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Amazing Grace and A Gift for You

I hope you are enjoying the ebook, Women of the Bible, for subscribers introduced on Monday! You can find the details here. If you are already a subscriber and you’d like to have the FREE ebook, then please email me at rachel (at) rachelwojo (dot) com. I’ll make sure you receive a copy of  the […]

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Women of the Bible FREE Ebook

I’m so excited to unveil a little project I’ve been working on as a gift to you, my readers! Woohoo! The recent article series, Women in the Bible, was so well-loved that I wanted to share the series with you in an easy-to-read format for 10 women of the Bible, Beautiful and Brave! This beautiful book […]