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empty bible verses wide

13 Bible Verses for when you feel empty

Emptiness is a difficult emotion to simply describe. It is that feeling you have not just when you are tired, but when you have given it everything you’ve got. Nothing remains, but it may not be from fatigue. When you feel empty, it’s like a piece of your soul is missing. Maybe you are grieving […]

sky prayer wide

When the World Is a Scary Place & Children’s Book Giveaway

Last week our family experienced quite a scare. Michael, our 12 year old, had an episode of vision loss. Upon visiting the eye doctor, his testing revealed a serious peripheral vision loss and we were sent directly to the emergency room. While the doctors fully anticipated an abnormal MRI scan, many people began to pray […]

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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Hey there! Monday has arrived once again and I’m so glad to see you here at the weekly Bible reading challenge check-in. I’m still plugging away at my goal of reading through the Bible this year via the M’Cheyne reading plan, but I’m a little behind. Just about the same as last week. However, I […]

women in the bible logo wide

New Series! Women in the Bible: Beautiful and Brave

I am so excited to let you in on this little piece of news that I’ve been bursting to share! Beginning next Wednesday, I have a new series planned that I know you are going to love. We are going to mine truths from the women in the Bible listed in this popular post. Each week, […]

messy beautiful love

Praying for My Husband & Messy Beautiful Love book giveaway

Praying for my husband is something I love to do. I’ve seen God work in our marriage and answer prayers directly over and over again through our fourteen years together. In the spring, my husband knew that he was going to need to make a job change due to anticipated upcoming schedule changes at work. […]

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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Hey there Friends. Monday is here once more and so is the Bible Reading Challenge check-in. I have disappointing news to share: I’m behind on the reading. I’m also behind schedule on pinning the graphic to the Bible Reading Challenge Pinterest board AND guess what else? My house is dirty and the van is filthy. […]

books to read fall wide

5 Good Books to Read This Fall

It’s time to chat it up about all the good books to read this fall!! As you may know, I’m a book lover and even though I’ve been focused primarily on writing my book to be released next fall, I’ve kept my eye on the reading side of things. Since the middle of July, I’ve […]

bible study wide

Women’s Bible Study Collection Giveaway

Whimsical Wednesday has arrived in full force. Wow, the weeks are flying by for me. You too? Recently when I posted about how much I love Logos Bible software and shared the printable Bible word search puzzles with you, I told you that I’d be sharing more about the software with you. And that day […]

divorce resources wide

Anything Is Possible

Post includes children’s book giveaway! Anything Is Possible Many times the limitations we see in our lives are not limitations at all. Limitations are opportunities for us to learn to trust God more. If you lean towards negative thinking patterns or are a “the-glass-is-half-empty kind of person,” then sometimes you need the reminder that anything […]

books to read wide

Book Title Reveal and the Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

  Monday is here and you know what that means! It’s time for the Bible Reading Challenge check-in. I’m a little behind on the reading schedule, but the quality of reading has been wonderful this week. How are you doing? The book I’m writing on perseverance is coming together and I’m down to the wire the […]

Bible sample full wide blue

Bible Reading Plans for the Gospels Now Available!

This week I received a reader email that said :  I have looked all over for a Gospels Bible reading plan for kids, that is age appropriate and fun….I finally found it here!! LOVE IT! The only thing is, you are missing Mark?? Any chance it’s here somewhere and I can’t find it?? If not, […]

prayer wide

Why Christians Don’t Forgive and Whimsical Wednesday

  Morning! I’m a little late getting our Whimsical Wednesday blogger linkup party going. Sorry about that! In case you missed my Facebook post yesterday, I felt I should share it with you. I try to keep the Facebook page focused on encouraging you and meeting your needs. But I felt like I should share […]

prayer wide

How to Pray When Feeling Overwhelmed

  Life sure can get crazy, can’t it? Whether you are facing a snowball effect of circumstances or one extremely overwhelming situation, that feeling of being consumed to the point of breaking is terrible at best. It’s so easy to resort to panic when we feel overwhelmed. Our minds start to tailspin and our bodies […]

bible study tools wide

Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Happy Labor Day! I’m writing to you from Cleveland today. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary today. They are such an incredible example of love and maturity in their relationship and family. I feel so blessed to have been a part of their beautiful celebration. How’ s the Bible Reading Challenge coming […]