Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World & Bible Study DVD Giveaway

I’ve been reading the book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, by Joanna Weaver. I feel a bit late to the party on this book because many of my friends have read it already since it originally released in 2000. I can’t express how much I appreciate this book. The subtitle is “Finding Intimacy with God in the Busyness of Life.” Certain seasons of my life have been busier than others, but I certainly am in a busy season.

The material in this book is absolutely fabulous. Joanna expresses much of my personal struggle as she outlines the struggle of many Christian women- we want to be close to Jesus, but the daily busyness of the world intrudes on the opportunities to draw close to Him. When we read the story of Mary and her heart for God, we want to be the ones listening intently to the Master teacher. But the Martha in us tells us there is much to be done and we should be moving along.

If you’ve never read Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, I can’t recommend it enough. And whether you’ve read it or not, I want to be sure you know about the incredible NEW material published just this year! This beautiful book in the new edition contains a 12 week companion Bible study guide. And I’m so excited that Joanna also offers a 10 session DVD AND Bible study guide for group or personal study with a TON of bonus material that you will not want to miss, including tools to go deeper into the study.

Now to be honest, I’ve only watched the first session of this study, but truly it is one I can’t wait to dig into more. Joanna’s warm and open style of teaching will capture your heart from the first word. I’ve been contemplating how and when I’m going to complete this study, but I wanted to list my ideas out for you to see if one might meet your needs.

  • Host a group study in home, at church, or in the community.
  • Use the DVD for you and one other accountability partner. Maybe this person is a neighbor, friend or co-worker you see regularly for convenience of discussion.
  • Use the DVD and study guide for personal use. (Very affordable!!)
  • Host a retreat using the retreat session on the DVD. (How cool is that??!!)
  • Host a Bible study marathon day. What’s that? One day or weekend in which you watch ALL the DVD sessions, in this case, 10 sessions of 20-22 minutes each. How does that work? Be sure to come back on Monday for my next post to see how I’ve used the Bible study marathon method successfully!!

I really want you to see how affordable this Bible study is. So check out the book HERE, the DVD and study guide pack HERE, and the single copy study guide HERE. 

And now for the super fun part!! I’m so excited to be giving away 2 sets of the book, DVD and study guide today!

maryheart giveawayI’m really pumped about this because I receive many emails from readers who say their church doesn’t have the resources to purchase Bible studies and could I send study recommendations, especially free studies. This giveaway will be incredibly beneficial to whomever wins it!

Just follow the Rafflecopter to enter and be sure to return for the next post about how to host a Bible study marathon! Have a great weekend!


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  1. Lisa Neely says

    I could see using this for a girl’s weekend. I am excited to read you next post about how to host a Bible study marathon. Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. Alisha White says

    I have wanted to do this study for awhile, and I think the DVD with study guide pack would be perfect to share at a homeschool moms’ retreat! :)

  3. Cindy B says

    I’ve never read it before so it intrigues me because I’ve heard good things about this study. Thanks.

  4. Teresa R says

    This would be a wonderful study for any Christian woman. Would love to share this with other women in my church

  5. Jodie Skanderson says

    I have wanted to read this book for years. I would love to win it and finally be able to.

  6. Erinn Bean says

    The story of Mary and Martha is one of my favorites! I would love to go more in depth with that story! Thanks!

  7. Denise Skinner says

    This would be terrific as a young mom and young working woman’s study! I read the book years ago and can’t wait to read the updates because life has gotten busier for sure!

  8. Tish says

    I read the book years ago and have recommended it to friends through the years. I love the idea of using the study guide and DVD and studying this together with friends! I so want to consistently have a heart like Mary but continually give in to the daily demands of life. God keeps leading me to scriptures and devotions which focus on trusting Him with each day, and this post is a great reminder as well. Thanks!

  9. Mary Lynn says

    My winter Bible study group just ended last week. We were all hoping to find another study to do this summer together. This sounds great! I love that a companion study guide is available!

  10. Frances C says

    Oh wow!! I bought this for a friend, and secretly could not wait to borrow it (after she was done of course).
    But she could not find it after she moved :(. Would love this as a resource for my church.

  11. says

    Yes I need this and be a nice small group summer study with some friends, as I feel we all struggle in this area as mama’s

  12. Amanda says

    The book has been on my To-Be-Read list for a while, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. With how life has been lately, I really need to get to it! (And having a study guide will be awesome!)

  13. Jennifer says

    Have just come back to Christ, after years of not believing, I would love all of this. I am struggling with this exact thing right now with two little boys and a husband who is himself still on the fence. Even if I don’t win I might just have to find the funds and buy this.

  14. says

    The 10 session DVD intrigues me most about the new edition. I love watching the author go deeper into the study through the visual medium. My ladies Bible study group went through this study and I was not able to attend because of my work schedule! Many women in the group had the same issues. I would love to share this with the ladies who missed the study when it was offered at Church.

  15. judi says

    I found your blog yesterday when I was searching Bible verses on pinterest. I returned time and time again for the posts like “12 verses for anxiety,” and “14 verses for when you feel you’re not good enough.” Naturally, I signed up for your blog notifications. I’ve been on one of the spiritual transformational journeys. My connection to God is the only thing keeping me sane and strong.

    Your giveaway is great. That way it’s left up to the Lord. If it doesn’t come to me, then I thank you for bringing the book etc to my awareness!

  16. Deje Jensen says

    I am very excited that this can be used a group Bible study with a DVD! We have been using DVD studies at our church and I am always on the look out for new studies to use with the ladies!

  17. Deanna says

    I have two copies of this book. One is without the study questions in the back. This edition has a DVD, which is new, and would probably enhance the experience even more! Would love to win and share it with the ladies at church.

  18. Deanna Reid says

    I haven’t seen this with a DVD before. Would love to share it with the ladies at church!

  19. says

    I have started countless online Bible studies only to get too busy to finish. I really feel this could be the tool to devote more time to Jesus than my daily schedule.

  20. stevie says

    I love there’s a dvd and study guide to go along with the book! This would be great too to share with our ladies’ group. Thank you for the chance! Blessings.

  21. Polly Schneider says

    I would love to watch the dvds. Also the book and Bible study. I only have a digital edition. But I like a real book better. There’s something about having a real book in your hand, don’t you think?

  22. Jenny K. says

    The feature that I like the most is the dvd that goes along with the book. It will be great to use with a small group study.

  23. Mary Beth says

    This would be great for Yaya’s (our small group @ church) or the long break during Discipleship.

  24. Amy says

    I would love this bible study. I take my RN baords on monday and I am ready to start a bible study. I have been missing the bible. This would be a great way to get back into the bible! No more study books just great books to read now. :)

  25. Lisa Rettig says

    It is great that this is in a DVD bible study for groups. Our ladies love to get together, but we are limited sometimes for new ones. This would be awesome! thank you

  26. Debora says

    Sound exciting!. In my hectic life, i would like to attain a Mary’s heart as I go about my day. Sometimes, being the mom, the wife, the driver, the much needed daughter and sister, nurse, babysitter, planner, cook and cleaner; leaves no time for “Me”. I am missing out on a more intimate relationship with the Father and I feel the longing in my spirit. What I am interested in the most is the DVD because I can slip in during my youngest nap time. A mid-day pick me up…:-)

  27. says

    The DVD is what intrigues me the most! This book has been a huge welcome to my personal library and I would love to be able to study it more with a small group of women!

  28. says

    WOW…….this would be perfect to do with my ladies at church (I’m a Pastor’s wife of a small country church) or to do with my girls at home. Thanks for doing the give-away!

  29. patricia hayes says

    It would be great to win this. I’d love to do a small bible study. The good news? We can purchase this if we don’t win.

  30. jessica says

    I would love to be able to do this study with my women’s group or the ladies from my small group. I have always been intrigued by Mary and Martha and we are definitely living in a Martha world where “busy-ness” is praised and just “being” is very much frowned upon (especially if you’re a woman). However, while service is necessary, I think we should be taking time to just “be” in the presence of the Lord sometimes.

  31. melissa says

    This would be awesome for our small womens Sunday school class. We are always looking for something more to study

  32. joyfuljan says

    I read the book years ago but would love to win the study to use with friends. Thank you for the opportunity.

  33. Kaylee says

    My mom and I are JUST starting this book together! I would love to win this for a friend!

  34. April says

    Would love to win this! So many benefits of this bible study, and hopefully could start a small group with it!

  35. says

    Oh my, Rachel, this is just what I need. Martha has become me–or I’ve become her–or I’ve always been her…? Anyway, you get the picture. Awesome giveaway. Thanks, Friend!

  36. Mary T says

    Rachel, other than my early rising for a quiet time and my Friday night few hours of sitting with my Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration, I am feeling way too much like Martha lately. Even my weekends, other than attending Mass have been filled with meetings and committees, etc. But most of all with helping Tara with Andrew as he hasn’t had his overnight nurse in over 3 months and he requires trach care during the night. I would love to read this book and Bible study. I love studies that allow me to go at my own pace and yet share with a friend at the same time. (Keeps us both learning and loving forward). Even if I do not win, I am feeling that this could be perfect for after Easter as I approach my busiest time of the end of the school year. Thanks for always sharing! God bless! ps. Keeping Taylor in my prayers! Hope all is well!

  37. Michele says

    I thought I was the only one who hasn’t read the book yet. I just got it and I can’t wait to read it. I definitely could use the study guide too. Thank you for telling me about it.

  38. Roye Nealy says

    So many times I find myself in such a place. I think this would be a great study!

  39. emily says

    I have been struggling this last year, and now I’m trying to get back to regular Bible Study and closer with God. This study would really help in my journey. And having the chance to do it with someone who can hold me accountable would be wonderful. I’m a mom and wife, currently unemployed studying to get licensed in a new career. My time is really compromised. The more help I have the better!

  40. says

    This book sounds interesting! The DVD series would be awesome…I know girlfriends who would love to view it.

  41. Amanda says

    I had this book. Studied it in my mentor group. 9 years later it is missing. I want to reread it and study it again. I was in tears when I realized that I didn’t have it anymore.

  42. says

    My best friend owns this book, and we’re part of a Bible Study on Tuesday nights. It would be great to consider doing this book after we finish our study on 1 Corinthians.

  43. Elizabeth says

    Several of my friends have discussed starting a group bible study. This would be perfect for us busy ladies.

  44. Amy says

    My Bible study group is currently doing this study! We are ready for chapter 5 :) We love it so much!!


  45. Cassandra says

    I have never read this book, however: the title alone caught my eye.. I have always been told that I had the heart of Mary, although I feel so far away at times. … I would love to do this bible study with my small church group, ladies…. Stoked to be blessed!

  46. Merry says

    I like that the lessons arent too long, that you can use it for individual study and there are resources that help you dig deeper into the study

  47. Teri says

    I would love to win this. This is a struggle for me. I know a few ladies who would love to do a group study together.

  48. Lori says

    This sounds wonderful!!…been looking for a great bible study companion. :-)…thanks!

  49. Jennifer D. says

    I like the book and study guide combo. I could see using this for a Sister’s Retreat with my sisters and Mom.

  50. Tina says

    I have had this book for a couple years now and have never read through it. I would love to have a study to go along with it and finally read it.

  51. Theadora says

    I would love to use this book with an accountability partner ( or 2), and then possibly have a ladies Bible study.

  52. Julie Phelps says

    This looks like an awesome study. I often feel like a Martha, while dreaming of becoming a Mary.
    Have a great day!

  53. brenda says

    Would love to win this. I have not been able to read it yet, but have wanted to for a while.

  54. Carla Mills says

    I would love to organize a study group at my church! Think this would be a well received topic!

  55. Shelby says

    Would love to win and study this and be closer to god! I think I’d like the DVD that goes with the book the most but thankful for anything!!

  56. Carol Ann Ballard says

    I would love to share this study with the ladies in my church!! I love the book.