Love Comes Softly & Love’s Christmas Journey DVD Giveaway

Years ago, Christmas 1982, I cut my reading eyeteeth on a set of books, Janette Oke’s, Love Comes Softly Series.  This was so long ago that my original set only contained the first five books. Yikes.Telling my age here.  Needless to say, the Love Comes Softly series has grown a bit since then; the series grew to 8 books and in 2003, the first book was developed into a beautiful Hallmark film.  Incredibly enough, all 8 books were developed into movies and this weekend, I’m thrilled to be offering:
love comes softly dvd collection

2 full DVD sets of the Love Comes Softly Series 10th Anniversary Collection

in this giveaway! Isn’t that awesome?

BUT- in addition to that, I’m introducing the brand new DVD released October 30th: Love’s Christmas Journey AND giving 2 of those away to accompany the 10th anniversary collection DVD sets! Woohoo!

Now I have to admit that I don’t typically take the time to watch movies. So I had to sneak this one in while I was putting the groceries away or folding laundry or, or….:) This beautiful story of a widow called to step up and help her brother and his two children in need will steal your heart and have you enjoying the story in no time. In the midst of attempting to make the holiday season meaningful, the widow, Ellie, finds herself in the middle of a difficult situation. Attempting to maintain truth and integrity, Ellie stands firmly in the face of danger when her responsibility collides with a corrupt scheme. The themes of justice, fortitude, and confidence in God’s presence will inspire you to persevere even when the challenge is really tough. I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching this DVD as much as I did!

Let’s get on to winning! Just enter through the Rafflecopter below!
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Disclosure: I received a copy of Love’s Christmas Journey from the entertainment company in exchange for my opinion. All thoughts are my own. Contains affiliate links.


  1. says

    Yay, so fun. I have seen a few of the LCS movies, but with four girls in the house, there’s always room for one more great chick flick! Thank you!

  2. Diana Riggs says

    I have read the books as a girl and I love the movies!! I can’t wait to see the Christmas movie

  3. Missy says

    My grandma gave me some of these books as a young teenager but I never read them. I’m not much of a reader, but I do like to watch movies! 😉

  4. says

    I have not read the books (I really should), but I have seen most of the movies, and they are just simply wonderful!!!! Thank you for this giveaway! I had no idea there was a new Christmas movie.

  5. says

    My mom loves the entire Love Comes Softly movie series. That’s when I first heard about them. I don’t have much extra time so haven’t been able to enjoy them like she has. I’ve never read the books either. I am partial to heart-warming Christmas stories though.

  6. Debby says

    I read all the books back in high school and loved them! SO of course I had to watch all the movies as well- can’t wait to see Christmas Journey though!

  7. Janet says

    We showed the DVD of Love Comes Softly at a women’s night at our church. Thank you for this giveaway!

  8. Hillary says

    I have seen the movies, but I always have intentions of reading the books, too! Perhaps something to put on my Christmas list?

  9. Amanda says

    I loved the first movie in the series. I cancelled cable/etc. a long time ago, so I don’t think I’ve seen any of the others. I look forward to watching them!

  10. Jessie K. says

    I Love these movies! I haven’t got to see the last two movies that came out. These are such wonderful family movies. Thank You so much for the opportunity to win these!

  11. Kari says

    I haven’t read the books, but I watch the movies every time they come on Hallmark. I love the movies. I would love to read the books. Thank you for the giveaway! God Bless!

  12. Lisa G says

    I haven’t read the books! What a blessing to a teenage girl, I will def. be giving these books to my neice when she is older. I absolutely LOVE all the movies, they are wonderful!!

  13. says

    I have not seen any of these, but would absolutely LOVE to win! Thanks for a great giveaway!
    Always Experiencing Him,

  14. Heather says

    I have not read the books and I’ve only watched a little of one of the movies. My mother in law loves the movies and I think I would give her the DVD as a Christmas gift!

  15. Lori Terrell says

    I first became a fan of the series with the books when I gave them as gifts to my dear Grandma Mary. My mom later became a huge fan of the movies, watched and enjoyed them many times in her life. They represent very dear memories to me of my most cherished loved ones!

  16. Sarah S. says

    I have seen some of the movies and read the first book MANY years ago. I plan to reread it (along with the others).

  17. ashley smith says

    My husband & I watched one of the Love Comes Softly when we were first married only 3 years ago. We really enjoyed it. We lived in a tiny 3 room house. We married in Jan. so it was warm and cozy inside as we watched. Good memories.

  18. Alisha says

    Yes! I love the Love Comes Softly series of movies, I have a few but I have never seen this one!

  19. VeronicaS says

    I used to read these books ALL the time, but I’ve only seen one of two of the movies. I’m always looking for good movies to stock up on tho.

  20. Grace says

    Other than the Christmas movie, I have watched all the movies and have loved them!! Oh, lol, and I’ve read the books too =)

  21. Marlo McDonald says

    I have seen some of the movies…they are EXCELLENT! Our family enjoys watching them. Would love to see the entire series, and of course, the new Christmas movie. THANK YOU for hosting the giveaway. :)

  22. Mary Walthrop says

    Last summer, I turned to the Hallmark channel by accident and they happened to be doing the Love Comes Softly movie marathon. I wasn’t sure if my husband would like the movie series but he did. Love Comes Softly, Love’s Abiding Joy and Love’s Undending Legacy helped me with grieving over my mom’s death. My husband’s favorite is Love Comes Softly. I thank God for these movies for helping me strenghthen my faith in God in the midst of grieving for losing my dear mother Ruth.

  23. Lisa says

    My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE series. I can’t wait until my daughter is a little order to rewatch them all with her. Thank you SO much for this giveaway. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win.

  24. Marianna says

    I never read the books even though they were around when I was in elementary school, but I have seen all of the movies and love them! I would love to own them!

  25. Dominique says

    I love the Love Comes Softly movies! I have not seen the newest ones but I love the ones I’ve seen. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!!

  26. Alicia says

    I have seen all the movies and one day I would love to read the books! We turned off our cable about 9 months ago and I was saying how I am going to miss all the Hallmark movies at Christmas this year!