Fire Prophet – Preteen Book Giveaway

fire prophet book review and giveaway
My son was elated when we received the second book of the Son of Angels series, Fire Prophet, and I had to wrangle the book from him in order to read and write this review. Jonah Stone is writing incredible fiction for children ages 9-12 and the combination of fantasy and adventure captures their attention wonderfully.

As a parent, I feel a slight fear when it comes to teaching my children about spiritual warfare. The reality of the topic is intimidating to me. The line of imagination and reality is important to draw in my opinion and with all the current ultra-dark imagery and media aimed at preteens and teens, this line can seem to be gray without a strong Biblical foundation. The message in this book is scriptural and solidly teaches that the most powerful weapon we have as humans is prayer. THAT is the point of my son reading this book that I truly, truly love.

This would be a great book for a tween small group to read together! Would you like to win one for a preteen in your life? Just follow the rafflecopter! We’ll keep the giveaway open through Sunday and announce the winner on Monday.
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  1. Maryann says

    We talk about movies and current events from a biblical worldview versus what they hear or see etc.

  2. says

    Modeling prayer in our family has been the best way to teach our kids about the supernatural. It is awesome to hear our 5 year old walk in his authority, using the name of Jesus when he prays. We practice praying the scriptures we memorize together and I love hearing the kids mimic us and do the same.

  3. Tessa Smith says

    We read scripture and apply them to our lives and when certain topics come up we can talk openly about them and compare them to what we’ve already read.

  4. Lorna says

    We walk through our day pointing out signs that God is there and real. <3 I love it when I can find books that do the same because we are avid readers. Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Allison says

    We try and mention the supernatural as much as possible. Whether it be through books we read, Bible study, or the discussion of dreams.

  6. Kim Ochsner says

    I just found your website on Pinterest. My 13 year old daughter and I are going to do your bible challenge to read it in a year! Thanks for your encouragement!! Would you also recommend the book above for girls?