5 Back to School Prayers

Today I’m sharing a roundup of back to school prayers. If there is one thing I find myself doing more of during this back to school time of year, it is praying for my kids. And our family.  And myself. And their teachers. And the bus drivers….and…and…and. :) I know you get it.


back to school prayers

So here we go:


1. A Prayer for Back to School

I wrote this prayer last year and it has been well-loved on Pinterest. You are welcome to print out the graphic or share the graphic on your blog or Facebook page.



school day prayers

2. School Day Prayers

My awesome friends at Tommy Nelson are offering this fabulous printable of School Day Prayers with Bible verses to pray over your children. Love this!

3. Back to School Prayer Tool

The Back to School Prayer Tool really could be used any time of the year. The tool takes the 8 colors of a standard coloring box and uses them as reminders of prayer needs.

4. 31 Days of Prayer for your Children

I really loved this free printable prayer calendar I found on Carrie Austin’s site. An entire month guide of praying for your child! This would be so easy to slip into your phone reminders and you could even continue the pattern of prayer each month.


5. Prayer by Color Bookmark

After the Back to School prayer tool was well-received, I created this prayer bookmark last year for using as a reminder of how to pray using this method. If you click here, you’ll find a .pdf of 6 bookmarks to print and share with your prayer group, mom’s group, etc.



I’d love it if you would share your prayer ideas for this back to school season. If you’ve written a post on your blog for this topic, feel free to leave your link so we can all take a peek!

See you tomorrow!


5 Creative Ways to Read Morning Devotionals

With the start of school, our family has the opportunity to evaluate how to begin the mornings well.  Sometimes the morning doesn’t seem like the best time to spend with God- especially if you’re not a morning person. I’ve confessed to you before that I try to be a morning person. But that’s hard to do when you don’t even like mornings.

However, I know from experience that no time with God in the mornings is a bad idea. So even a few minutes is better than none. I love to pray before I even get out of bed and read while having coffee. I have other focused times carved out of my schedule to spend more time with God throughout the day. But back to mornings…today I wanted to share 5 creative ways to read morning devotionals. Some may be ideas you’ve done and maybe you’ll find a new idea or two in the mix.

1. Have someone read aloud during travel time.

If you have a school dropoff routine or maybe a regular daily route you must drive, then this is a great time to utilize for reading or listening aloud. Have the carpooling team take turns or designate a “reader of the week.”

2. Use an audible devotional.

If you drive alone in the mornings, one of my favorite devotionals, Jesus Calling, is available in audible app format to play on Kindle and Apple products, as well as an audio cd. How cool is that!

3. Have a grab bag of devotionals.

Last year, we all had our favorite devotionals and the kids each had a personal devotional for bedtime reading. But for mornings, we kept a stack of books on the microwave stand. Right now it looks like this:

stack of books

Having a few options and not feeling like it has to be the same pattern each day can be a great way to keep interest of all those participating.

4. Keep a devotional in the bathroom.

Hang it beside the bathroom mirror to read while brushing your teeth. Read it while you’re waiting for the shower water to get hot. Or other things, which I’ll leave to your imagination.

5. “Devotional is on the table.”

So you might typically say “Breakfast is on the table” right? But my favorite new way to easily read a daily devotional is the Jesus Calling Perpetual calendar. Whoever thought of this idea deserves breakfast in bed for a year. Seriously. Take a peek at what is on our table now:

devotional calendar for table

Don’t you just love it?! We sure do! Although my highly spiritual children *might* have been known to fight over who gets to turn the page. Just maybe. I won’t say for sure. And while this children’s version is working great for us, what if you placed the regular Jesus Calling perpetual calendar in your kitchen window or beside the sink to read and meditate on while you wash dishes? or on your office desk?

Jesus Calling – 365 Day Perpetual Calendar

I found another that would be a GREAT teacher gift (at only $5!)

School Days for Teachers – Perpetual Calendar

Some of my other favorites are available in the perpetual calendar format, but just one more I had to share is from one of my favorite Bible studies! I was so happy to discover this:

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World – Perpetual Calendar

From now through Sept. 1, the Jesus Calling Collection is 40% off with the code JCOFF40 through this link.

So how wonderful would it be to have my Extraordinary Prayers for Everyday Living in this perpetual calendar format? Vote yes or no in the comments to answer that question.

new whimsical wed

With that, bloggers, I’m super excited to have you for Whimsical Wednesday. I hope you found lots of whimsy above and can’t wait to read all of your encouraging posts!

Don’t forget to vote! I need to know if I’m crazy or this is something you would really love to have.:)



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Bedtime Prayers and Using A Bedtime Routine Checklist & GIVEAWAY

bedtime prayers

With school beginning next week, honestly I’m a little panicked at the thought of the new routine beginning. Our family’s summer seems to have passed so quickly and with the beginning of school we need not only a solid morning routine, but also a strong bedtime routine.

My husband and I established the habit of bedtime prayers with each of our children as infants and I’m so grateful that we did that. My mom prayed with me as a child each night for many years, probably until I was about 10 years old. Because of her training, I’ve always thought of prayer as the core element to bedtime routine. I may have told you before, but my kids even want Mommy and Daddy to pray over the phone with them at night when we are away.

The Ch@T prayer model is easy for me to remember since I’ve been using it for awhile and lately I’ve been modeling this prayer with my children at bedtime. I don’t ask each question associated with the model, but I do fill in the question with a statement. So it might go something like this:

Dear God, We are so thankful for who you are, the Creator of all the world. We are sorry for (fill in the blank with any issues from the day) and ask for your forgivness. Thank you for (fill in the blank with blessings from the day) Tonight we are asking for (requests for others and personal requests). We praise you for all you are doing in our lives. Thank you for (child’s name) and help (him/her) to know how much I love (him/her) and how much you love (him/her.) Amen.

While we haven’t strayed from our bedtime prayer routine, this summer we have definitely strayed from our bedtime routine otherwise. Honestly, a few times, a day at the pool was considered a bath or shower substitute. (Did I just admit that?)

In this post on bedtime tips, I mention that having a typical order of events gives children the opportunity to know what to expect and feel secure. Our bedtime schedule (before this wild and crazy summer!) has been bath, pajamas, hair, short playtime, snack, teeth, and books. However, with my hubby’s recent  job change, he is getting home later from work. I think our “short playtime” is going to be eliminated from the middle of the order of events. Since my youngest two need to adjust from summer and to the new routine, I decided to make a bedtime routine checklist. I used blank lines on the checklist so you can fill in the order of your family’s bedtime routine.  Click HERE or on the graphic below to open the free .PDF.

bedtime routine checklist

In addition to the bedtime routine checklist, Tommy Nelson has the sweetest book to help you establish a bedtime prayer routine! This little book called A Night Night Prayer features the cutest little snuggly alpaca who is learning how to quiet his voice, whisper good night to the world, and give thanks for all God has provided. The artwork in this book is adorable and I thought you’d like to see a preview:

The bedtime bestselling favorite is sure to help your little ones enjoy getting tucked into bed and I’m excited to be giving away one copy of this sweet book! Just follow the Rafflecopter and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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