5 Things to Remember If Oversleeping Happens


Last week was a terrible, no-good awful week, to put it bluntly. Two weeks ago, on the trail of a cancelled flight, an unexpected turn in the book publishing world, a 2x laptop restore, and a stomach virus that literally knocked me to the floor for 24 hrs, I thought the worst was over.

But then…

The stomach bug that took me down decided to hit our family one by one. If you look at the family photo on the right, then you can probably visualize–that’s a lot of puke. Yes, indeed. So for the first few days last week, my best friends were the corner dry cleaner, Clorox wipes and Germ-X.

By Thursday, it seemed everything was back to normal and all affected were healthy once again. My husband and oldest son have the earliest schedules in our family and once they were both on their way to work and school, I decided to lie back down on the bed. Just for a minute, you know. I was flat out bone-weary.

Only a minute turned into 45 and the next thing I knew, I jerked myself awake, looked at the clock, and realized that my daughter and son should be getting on the school bus at this very moment. Sigh.

Like all crazy mothers who know they are dancing with the tardy bell, I flew into high gear and rustled everyone out of bed. Because we missed the bus, I would have to take 4 children to the school, even though only 2 of them were to be there. To make matters a bit more challenging, my special needs daughter’s nurse did not show up on time. My sweet girl Taylor does not like to be rushed. In fact, she won’t be rushed. So I practically carried her 95 pounds down a flight of steps,through the garage door, then down two more steps, and lifted her into the van seat.

The kids made it to school a half hour late and a few minutes later, I sat down to feed Taylor and sip some coffee. I had lost a ton of time and felt extremely behind on the tasks and outlined schedule for the day. Angry at myself for oversleeping, actually for even lying back down on the bed in the first place, I realized I had some choices to make.

Did oversleeping have the right to steal the gift of a new day? Did I want to let oversleeping ruin my attitude for the day? And so I scribbled down this pep talk to myself–5 things to remember if oversleeping happens.

1. Giving grace to myself for my mistakes is just as necessary as giving grace to others for their mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. I didn’t deliberately oversleep, so the best thing I could do after the fact was to give a little grace.

2. Wishing I could change the past would only result in forfeiting the present.

Allowing myself to dwell on wondering why on earth I decided to lie back down on the bed would not change the fact that I did it. Rather than waste time on wishing and wondering, I chose to pick up the morning routine, simply a bit later in the day.

3. Realizing the results of the mistake could be worse provided a channel of thankfulness.

Oversleeping on this rare occasion could have resulted in worse circumstances. Being thankful that I woke up when I did was a critical element to moving on for the day. I realized that in spite of the mistake, there were things for which I could be thankful. For example, my children did not have testing scheduled for the morning, so they did not miss any tests. No one saw me at the school in a disheveled state. ha. The self-care skills that I’ve been attempting to instill in my children revealed themselves at a crunch time and I can be thankful for their independence.

4. Spending time with God can happen at any time of day.

So while I didn’t read my Bible and pray at my preferred early morning time, I refused to skip over this very important part of the day and instead, I read while I was feeding Taylor. I believe God loves to have our “ideal” time, but if we don’t have it to give, he still loves spending time with us regardless.

5. Determining to make the best of the current situation is as important as determining not to allow the mistake in the future.

So I knew that lying back down for a few more “moments” of sleep was a bad decision and I didn’t want to allow it to happen again in the future, but I also didn’t want my grumpiness over the mistake to ruin the morning. After feeding Taylor, I cranked up the praise music and ran through the morning routine of household and office chores, as well as caring for my three girls.

While oversleeping felt like a huge failure, the day turned out to be a great one. We somehow landed back on track with the schedule just after lunch and enjoyed a few accomplishments that weren’t planned . I really believe that focusing on what I want to remember if oversleeping happens provided not only a perspective to get through the aftermath of the mistake, but a thought process for other mistakes.

When was the last time you overslept?


A Prayer of Thanks for My Teenager

If you are a mom to teenagers, then you know just how quickly the time flies. My third child to parent through the teen years hit the magical “teen” mark at the beginning of January. Wow! How incredible to think that God has grown this boy from a sweet little innocent baby to a squeaky voice, taller-than-his-mama teenager! When I think about the next few years of his life, I get a little… ok, a lot, whimsical. I truly believe it is important to continue to pray for my teenagers as I did for them as children. With the issue of a driver’s license, perhaps I pray more.  

Today I just wanted to offer up a prayer of thanks for my teenager. Technically I have two teenagers currently, but I wanted you to feel free to use this prayer!

A Prayer of Thanks for My Teenager

Often a mom will reflect on her treasures.
Today I’m thanking you for my teenager.
I can scarcely grasp
That you knitted the soul of a sweet baby
And then gifted me that baby,
Both body and soul to nurture.
While the days and weeks and months have passed,
It’s hard to believe my baby is a teenager.
Thank you for the privilege of sculpting a spirit
And your guidance to do so.
How I need you, Jesus.
Thank you that the sweet days far outweigh the hard;
And that your grace covers our faults.
While we may not see eye to eye on every issue in life,
We’re both thriving in your love each day.
This fact alone is a gift from you;
And I praise you for it.
May each anticipated milestone be embraced to the fullest.
May our hearts traverse closer to you and each other.
I pray in the name of Jesus.

a prayer of thanks for my teenager

Bible Reading Plans for Kids

bible reading plans for kids

I love receiving emails from folks all over the world for many reasons. When I took the first steps to begin blogging,  I never imagined that would happen. God has an incredible way of orchestrating and intersecting lives and one of the ways he has accomplished this is through the Bible reading plans for kids.

My wonderful friend, Donna, in Australia, wrote not long ago to discuss Bible reading plans for kids. She says:

Thank you sooooo much for your Bible reading plans for children. I teach in a Christian School in Australia and we have been using them for our homework each night to read our bible. My students love them! I have seen so many blessings since the children starting reading their bibles for homework. They have been so excited and God’s Word is coming alive to them. Could you please make more – we have used the gospels and are going to start on Proverbs. God bless you.

I originally created Bible reading plans for my own kids because we really needed a daily guide. I wanted them to have a way to focus the reading. We have a wonderful growing library of Bible reading plans for kids now! You can find them here:






And now today, we’re introducing the Bible reading plan for the book of Acts!  In just about two months, you can read through the exciting book of Acts when you follow this reading plan. If your child loves action and adventure, then Acts is a great book in the Bible to read!

Download the FREE Bible reading plan for Acts here or click on the graphic above.

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start. If you are doing the February Bible reading challenge with us, then we are reading Proverbs 2 today. See you tomorrow!