Family Fun

Friday is a day for our family to have the opportunity to spend quality time together and I’m pumped! We’re still working on the details of exactly how much eating and hanging out we’re going to do, but it will be fun and fabulous regardless. I have a feeling a little coloring will be in order. My awesome friends at What’s In The Bible? have a fun coloring page you can print RIGHT HERE if you’re still hanging on to Thanksgiving a bit.


You can move on to the Christmas coloring pages by clicking HERE.

And What’s In The Bible? also has an excellent deal on their Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD and Everyday Emmanuel guidebook.  Everyday Emmanuel is a fun, easy-to-use family Christmas Countdown experience designed to help families make the most of Christmas and better understand the true meaning of the season. I just recently ordered this book and can’t wait to read it through completely! Just click the coupon:

Even if you’re not coloring, enjoy those God has placed in your path today! I’ll announce the Let.It.Go. winners a bit later.