Everyone Needs Someone

My baby holding bear
She had been fussing most of the morning, this sweet baby girl of mine. The morning had consisted of cuddling and holding and playing and… Mama found herself trying to get something accomplished. So though the precious, sick baby still whimpered, I determined to lie her down. And after just a few minutes, I knew she was sound asleep. Tiptoeing around the corner to take a peek at her, I found her arm snuggled around her purple bear. I suppose if Mama wasn’t going to keep holding her, she determined to find a substitute.

Baby Tessa’s cuddling brought thoughts of just how nice it is to have someone come alongside us in life. We know Jesus is always with us, but one of the best parts about His living inside of us- is the purpose of tangibly touching others. How the hands and feet of Jesus are needed in this world!
A friend loves at all times

And for today’s post, I just wanted to ask you if you’d check out a few of my awesome friends. Some of them live close by; some far away. Some of us pray together almost every week and some of us pray for each other every day. Some are established authors I admire and some are bloggers obeying God.

Would you leave a prayer for one of them today in the comments?



Karen Ehman 

The Chuppies

The Nourishing Home

Finding Purpose In the Pain

 Julie Sunne

The Purple Buoy

Heather Conrad

Mindy Koenig

This Gal’s Journey

Mary DeMuth

I’ve always been hesitant to do this because I was afraid I might forget someone. And if I did, please attribute it to my craziness and not yourself. :)



  1. says

    Once again, dear friend, you move me to tears. It IS good to have a tangible someone. We never know when God wants to use that fleeting thought of another person to bless them. I’ve been the recipient of such blessings this week, and the energy it bolsters in a weary soul is incomprehensible. Thank you.

    And may God bless your obedience and boldness as you encourage us all to walk in obedience and grace.

  2. says

    What a wonderful idea, Rachel! I am grateful we have become long-distance friends. You have blessed my life in many ways. May our paths cross soon.

    I’m feeling drawn today to the Chuppies:
    Dear Father, You are forever gracious and loving, quick to forgive and ever-merciful. I lift this dear family up to You–the Chuppies. You love them fiercely and have great plans to work Your glory through them. Strengthen them for this journey. Hold them close to You today and every day and bring them joy and peace. I pray this is Jesus precious name. Amen.

  3. says

    Father…I pray this morning for Ruth @Gracelaced.
    …Asking you to give her patience and peace in the middle of the kitchen remodel, life with all the little guys, pregnancy, homeschool, holidays, family interactions… I pray for her marriage (and mine as well) that we’d make our relationship with our husbands a priority and not let that get crowded out by all the other needs that are pressing and pulling. I ask you to give her joy and focus in this Christmas season…to help her know where and how you want her to spend each moment as she looks to you to “do the next right thing”. I thank you for her and for Rachel and for so many others who have been gifts from you (both online and in daily life). I thank you for the gift of friendship and for the way you use our friends to encourage us and lift our eyes back up to You.

  4. says

    Dear Jesus…. thank you for Rachel and her sweet example of faithfulness to You, even in the midst of this sin-cursed world. Thank you for her sweet spirit, her encouragement, her selfless example. Use her to further your Kingdom. Use her words, her testimony, to show others Your love. Speak through her. Fill her with your peace and overwhelm her with your mercy. Open her eyes to the manifold blessings you have bestowed upon her. Help her heart to fully rejoice this season as she celebrates Your miraculous birth and redemption. And bless her.

  5. Heather P says

    Father God, I praise you for today and lift up each of Rachel’s friends. I especially lift up Karen E and ask that you love on her today and walk beside her throughout the day! Thank you for prayer and all you do for us every day!

  6. says

    Bless your sweet little Tessa, Rachel. I pray she’s feeling better soon, and I also pray for sweet Amy :)

    Heavenly Father, thank you for the marvelous way You’ve crafted Amy. Thank you for keeping Your hand on her and for blessing her with so many gifts, especially her gift of encouragement. Please bless her today with an extraordinary awareness of Your presence. May she sense you in all that she does, and may she continue to have a ready word for those who need it. Bless her family, and raise up a hedge of protection around them so they’ll be safe from any weapon formed against them. In the name of Jesus, empower her and encourage her so that she can press on and do what she needs to do.

  7. Mindy Koenig says

    Love this idea!! Thanks for sharing/linking us together Rachel. In awe at the beautiful tapestry He is weaving via social media. Praying for Amy today. Lord, bless her willingness to serve women and encourage them through her blog. Use her work for Your glory. As Amy juggles all of her responsibilities, give her rest in You. Keep her firmly rooted in Your word. Guide her moment by moment. Wrap her in Your arms. Amen!