Ebook FREE & A New Friend

How was Labor Day? Full of labor? Or rest?

I have two AWESOME treats for you today.

1. My ebook, The Sensational Scent of Prayer, is still FREE on Amazon today.  My friends have helped me  give away   5,200  ebooks- what a huge blessing that God would give the opportunity!!!  I wrote this on my facebook status last night:

Cried all the way through washing dishes this evening. Four years the Lord whispered to my heart to write down what I was learning through the Bible story of Hannah. Today: 2,879 free ebook downloads so far. His ways are soooo much higher than our ways.



2. My new friend, Shannon Milholland, is hosting my writing today! She has a wonderful blog, Jesus & My Orange Juice and we have three groovy things in common. Reading, writing and running. So while I’m not so sure about the arithmetic, I hope you’ll head over to Shannon and check out the rest of this post, no matter your current mathematical status:

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. Prov. 12:25 ESV

The sun beat down on my brow and drips of sweat forced their way under my sunglasses. The heat slowed my feet and the temps rose higher by the minute.  When I ran a half marathon in the spring, the heat served as my biggest running enemy.  I had trained through the rain, through the snow, through the cold, through all types of weather, but not much heat.  On this particular day of running, the rising temps were offering no friendship either.

Then I saw it, like a beckoning oasis, the row of trees was on the opposite side of the street; but CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING. (Shannon’s post goes live at 8 am CST.)