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Morning! I’m a little late getting our Whimsical Wednesday blogger linkup party going. Sorry about that! In case you missed my Facebook post yesterday, I felt I should share it with you.

I try to keep the Facebook page focused on encouraging you and meeting your needs. But I felt like I should share with you what I shared with family and friends today. With our daughter, Taylor’s 18th birthday coming up soon, this morning she had a dr’s appointment/well visit. Because her age carries legal responsibility, we had to have forms completed that state her disabilities. It’s a hard thing to watch your child labelled for legal purposes, but I refuse to see that label. I see a beautiful miracle whom God has used to point people to what matters most every day.Thank you for all the prayers for our girl. Matt and I are thankful for each day we have with her!

I’m going to forego posting the article I had planned for today so that we are not further delayed for our linkup party. If you have a minute to comment on your experience on why Christians don’t forgive, I’m currently writing on that topic. Could you answer one of the following?

1. Have you ever withheld forgiveness and then something happened and it was too late? How did you cope with that?

2. Why do you think people remain unforgiving, even as Christians?


I’m so thankful for each of you that come by to link up each week and pray that the Lord blesses your ministry of encouragement through blogging. I’ll look forward to taking a peek at what you’re writing this week and have a wonderful Whimsical Wednesday!

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How to Pray When Feeling Overwhelmed

feeling overwhelmed


Life sure can get crazy, can’t it? Whether you are facing a snowball effect of circumstances or one extremely overwhelming situation, that feeling of being consumed to the point of breaking is terrible at best. It’s so easy to resort to panic when we feel overwhelmed. Our minds start to tailspin and our bodies are in overdrive. The hormones race in an attempt to form a plan of action.

If we are in a habit of praying regularly, then when the feeling of being overwhelmed threatens us, our prayer reflex will kick in automatically. This is why keeping the lifeline to God open in our lives is so very important. We need it continually and our heavenly Father loves to hear from us.

I wish I could give you a step by step instruction on how to pray when feeling overwhelmed. But as I’ve been studying what Scripture outlines on this topic, I found an interesting little tidbit and wanted to share it with you.

Some of the Psalms carry titles that were handwritten by the scribes from document to document. Many of these notations tell us who wrote the Psalm or the tune to which it was sung. Some of the labels are very interesting in that they give us a rare historical fact. For instance, Psalm 90 is said to be a prayer of Moses. As I was pouring over the Psalms, I found Psalm 102’s notation to be very unique.

A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD.

That’s kind of a long introduction when compared to “A Psalm of David.” Don’t you think? Or Psalm 98, which is labelled “a psalm.” Quite simple.

While Psalm 102 is beautiful, before I read the Psalm, the title to the Psalm spoke to me deeply. You see, there is no step by step instruction for how to pray when feeling overwhelmed.

Essentially, you just open your mouth and pour out your heart. Whatever thought is in your head is what God wants to hear. And it’s ok if you’re complaining.

Contrary to popular belief, God wants to hear us complain.

Now mind you, I believe praise is powerful. Oh so powerful.

But it’s ok to be overwhelmed and give it all to God. That’s what he wants- a pouring out.

He can handle your diarrhea of the mouth. He can handle your verbal vomit. There is nothing you are going to say that he doesn’t want to hear. That’s how much he loves us.

From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:2

I’ve found time and time again, that prayer trumps panic. every.time.

prayer trumps panic


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Share A Blessing Children’s Book Review & Giveaway

share a blessing book Alright. I’m beginning this post with a confession. I have not been very good…ok, I’ve been really horrible at writing thank you notes since this spring. There. Whew. I feel better. I have a slew of thank you notes (is slew a word? it sounds good…) from summer events that I haven’t touched yet.

I have good intentions; really I do. I have two perfect lists of names for which thank you cards need to be written, signed, and addressed. So I bought a new pack of thank you cards and on two different trips over the summer, I took the cards and lists with me as I traveled. Did I ever complete the notes? No.

See, I told you I’m horrible. But maybe, just maybe, now that I’ve made this confession, I’ll be inspired to do better. AND I have the sweetest new product to tell you about, Share A Blessing. Doesn’t the sound of the name alone make you want to follow through? Yep, it does for me.

My sweet Tristina girl was so pumped about this new product that she wanted to use it right away. So why not? girl share a blessing

The Share A Blessing sticker book and notes is perfect for teaching children how to be a blessing to others. share a blessing inside

She decided to write a note to one of the new teachers at her school. final share a blessing note You’ve got to love the note, right?

These super sweet sticker book has over 1,000 stickers and my girl was so excited about that! The book contains 24 notecards with uplifting messages.

The book is designed for ages 6-11 and because my photos are a bit dark, I wanted to post one more graphic to make sure you could see the bright colors of the book. The colors are so perfect for this age group!

If you’re interesting in purchasing one of these for a sticker lover in your family, you can find this sweet book here. And if you’re interested in winning one of these books, I happen to be giving one away today! Woohoo!

Just follow the Rafflecopter and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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